High Society

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Rene Labre Group/American Impact
C.Englebrect/american impact


This song is a staple of our live show.We have never recorded it other than a studio demo for our promo pack.This comes to you from a recording of our live concert for iradio Los Angeles. The Performers: Rene Labre:Lead Vocal/guitars Marvin B:drums,vocals Chip Collins:Bass,Vocals Produced by Mark Maveric/iradio-Los angles


You were raised out of high society, and I was brought up in the world of poverty. Your daddy he don't like me,and Mama is ashamed to see. Her daughters living with a man she can't believe in. A girl like you just can't fall in love...with a man like me. Run back to high society. You are you and I am me, our parents tell us that our love can never be. But they,they don't realize exactly what we have done. They don't realize that your gonna bear my son. A girl like you just can't fall in love,with a man like me. A girl like you better run back to high society,