Bobby Bland


Yes well come on in here and see how it is done.This is how we do it it is all precision timing and skill.Every little detail programmed into us from countless hours of hard rehearsal.Every single note played or sung has a place and a meaning,formed together as a synergy.It was as though all of us had to rediscover something that was taken out of our DNA.Onstage this band was beyond belief.And the Major Labels and the Mass Media were determined to stop it.You just were not going to see three fabulous black guys fronted by a crazy white man.Playing rock and roll music tainted and twisted by funk and soul.Loud and proud our feet dancing the line, swinging our guitars around with our sweet sweat flying into the lights and the crowd.We were set to turn the world of rock on it's ear.Something totally original.Not the bland idiotic crap the media feeds you.We had years of roadwork under our belts yet it was in the very dicriminatory deep south.At that time.But what did that matter it was all in the past and we made it through?Yet our airplay disappeared overnight (suprise) and our first grass roots tour of the US was canceled.Not a big star tour,just to play in cities with our best airplay,play for the stations and start to get known outside of our little box.So I don't know,it's in the past...what did I learn from it?And it was horrible at the end.I was left standing on stage all by myself.When you go through a grind like this it begins to sap your life force and you have to back off and regroup yourself or disappear at the bottom of a whiskey bottle or a crack pipe or something.We had stopped fooling around with drugs many years ago.They do not do anything positive for you.The high is to create something and make it to live.I am a survivor and I had a son to feed and care for.Back to the acoustic guitar and write some songs.I have to sing and play,I just have to.Umm it is something I don't understand,I have left a blazen trail for you.I am not as jaded nor bitter as I thought I would be.I still get the same joy when I play.My avengement is to not be robbed of that.My purpose is to evolve into the light.To respect and take care of and further develop the wonderful gifts I have been given to create.


rehearsal only.