Rene Labre-"Ye Mystic Krewe"/American Impact
Mick Jagger/Keith Richards


Unplugged live.After all I have been through this is where I got to and how I feel about it.And it was so perfectly captured live here with the audience totally indifferent to the performance.They were digging it because they did not leave and it was a large crowd for a club show and the tip jar was full up.Yet the attitude was "we are disengauged from the performance" and it was really hot 98 degrees with 100 and ten % humidity.This summer really sucked bad.Some of it I brought on my self as I turned my air conditioner off.I live in florida you see and oh man was it hot and miserable.I wanted to beat out the power company on my electric bill.This was a fun show,I love to work unplugged."Livingroom music" I call it.


Take me to the station, and put me on a train. I've got no expectations to pass through here again. Your heart is like a diamond, you cast your pearls at swine. And as I watch you Leaving me, you packed my piece of mind. Our love is like the water, splashing on the stones. Our love is like our music, It's here and then it's gone. So take me to the station, please put me on a train. I've got no expectations, to pass through here again.