Stagelight Lover Video sountrack

Rene Labre Group-Dewy Ellis-The Cottonpickers/American Impact


Do you love me, or are you telling me a lie, Do you need me. and do you care? You said if I needed anything or anyone, just to call on you and you would be there. Did you miss me, all the time you were away? Did you think of me? You said that I was your only. And did you call my name, in your sleep at night, or was somebody else there when you fell lonely? Stagelight Lover, your hair is shining in the light, Stagelight Lover, my lover don't you know that I'm missing you tonight? Stagelight lover, You play as is there is no end, Stagelight lover, Shine for me again! Did you really, try to call? And was my phone really off the hook? Do you truly keep my picture by your side so when you miss my face you can look. Do I really mean more to you,you,you, than that rock and roll guitar? Do you truly want me with you no matter where you are? Are you really,baby are you really coming back home soon? Yoy know I need to hold you again-i've been so lonely. (repeat chorus) Yes! you are my lover, woo hoo-hoo my stagelight lover. Come on and shine! oh shine, shine for me tonight! Come be my lover,my lover my lover,stagelight lover. Oh yes, and you're all mine. Come on and rock my world! Yes I wanna be your rock and roll girl. ha! ha! ha! So don't you hurt me! Don't you stay away because I'm showing more each day. I'm gonna say a prayer for you, cause you know that soon she's due! So be my lover, my stagelight lover. And wherever you are, shine for me...... Just like a star. Writer:B.A. Ellis Arranger:Rene Labre