That Little Boy Of Mine (Jordan's Lullabye)

Rene Labre Group-American Impact
Wilda Labre,Rene labre


My Mother called me one day and asked me to put some music to these words. Here are the results.Actually she was upset by it cause she wanted it "unplugged" I did a seperate version for her.


Two eyes that shine so bright, two lips that kiss goodnight, two arms that hold me tight. That little boy of mine. No one will ever know, just what his coming has meant. Because I love him so, he's something heaven has sent. He sits upon my knee, to keep me company. he's all the world to me, I know he'll always be, That little boy of mine. The Performers: Rene Labre:All voices,all guitars,grand piano,hammond organ,Auto valve harmonica,dulcimer,auto harp,zither,Gibson Harpguitar (Thanks Sammy!) Bill Bland:Drums and percussion Ric Jenson:bass Guitar The Production Crew: Executive Producer:Rene Labre Pre-production producers:Rob Valdez,Rene Labre Film Crew and Key Grips:Diana Phillips,David Hurd and Bobby Recording Engineers:Rob Valdez,Jim Morris Assistant Engineers:Bryan and Tracy Labarbera Post Production Producer;Tom Morris Post production Mixer:Tom Morris Mastering Engineer:Tom Morris Copyright 2011 Publishing-American Impact Publishing Company Crews,perfomers,and production Taco wagon Courtesy of Mels Hot dogs "Franks For The Memories" Recording and Mastering location: Morrisound Studios-Tampa