Think About What I am saying

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Rene Labre on piano in church/American Impact
Rene Labre


From 1986 to 1994 I was a deacon and music director of the Florida Evangalistic Center under Pastor William "Shotgun Wille"" Magee performing both on piano and Hammond C-3 Organ.The "Church" version of the B-3.The persuits of my rock and roll career had left me flat on my back and in looking up I saw the face of GOD.I came to the center doing community service and was sweeping the floor in the chapel when I could not resist to turn on the organ and play it,prior to that for two years I had been the house organist at the notorious "Midnight Hour" 78th st bottle club in Brandon,FL. performing nightly from three until 7:30 in the morning with all of the different bands that came through.You have heard the term sex,drugs and rock and roll...this was the place to find all three.Packed seven nights a week with all of the sin you could partake in.Anyway,I was hitting some licks on the hammond and I heard the pastor yelling "I don't want you to sweep the floor or do anymore yardwork here!" I said "are you throwing me out?" He said "NO,we have revival coming in on Tuesday and Friday night I want you on that organ!" So I joined "Brother Love's Salvation show rocking the keys for GOD.Rocking for GOD in his house here on earth.Pastor Magee had such a beautiful influence upon my troubled life.He was 82 years old yet sharp as a tack, he taught me that the only drug I needed was the music and the love of GOD. To live in trust of my faith and not fear of man.After he passed on he was replaced by Prophet Daniel and the First Glorious Community Church, ahh a " black church" if you will,I mean I am not a racist just everyone in the church was a black person and i was asked to stay on as a deacon and music director."Think about what I am saying is one of the recordings I released from that period.Pure southern gospel music and i came to find that finally i had discovered the true roots of rock,blues,county,and r&b music.This is the original compostion that came out of this period.


This old train is a clean train,this old train This old train is a clean train,this old train. JESUS-JESUS-JESUS! This old train is a straight running train,this old train. This old train is a straight running train,this old train. The mighty god is gonna shine his light from this old train. This old train is gonna take me home,this old train.