Trying To Get Out Of The Hole

Rene Labre Group/American Impact
Rene labre


This one is a long story, It was the first project I attempted as a producer for American Impact. The subject matter being overcoming addictions with the outcome being a choice of love over fear. It took four years to record it. Though it sounds simple it is quite complex. The recording began on a two track sony unit in a trailer in Thonotosassa,Florida. this is where the rhythm track, lead guitar, lead vocal,acoustic guitar and the barber shop quartet were recorded with a tinny drum machine. I played the demo to two friends of mine John and Donald Tardy of the group "Obituary" at that time they were "The Executioners" and they suggested I take it into Morrisound studios where they were recording. At the studio the two track sony was transferred to twenty four track 2" analog and it was Sgt. Pepper time.The addition of 9 more singers who were friends of mine from "singing Parties" that we used to have on the weekend. During this period I was also taking voice lessons on the advice of my sister who informed me that I was a shitty untrained vocalist."Worse than Bob Dylan" she said.That observation deflated my ego for half a decade, I had been playing and singing rock and roll on the road for a long time would say successfully shouting over the din of the band so anyhow I began to study big band singing with Lynette Cordoso who showed me opera technique and taught me that if I can think it, I can sing it. It set me free at last, now I can play and really sing. You folks who are reading this have no idea how hard it is to go into a studio and face a lead vocal mic. You think all of these singers walk in and knock off a track in two or three takes and sing the whole song all the way through. all I shall tell you is that even Sinatra had his outtakes. Okay so Lynette began to join in on our "singing parties" and agreed to do the female lead on the session. On the song already was the barbershop quartet consisting of The Reverand(Allen Thomas Miller),Dallas Upton,David Cook, and Myself. Dallas and David were from the enemy band "Fat Chance" that played in the club down the street from us as well as Dr. Hooks buddy, Lamaur Jones who is on bass. When I asked lamaur to join the sessions he said "look Rene, all I want to do is lay down the road, the highway for you to run all the hot rods over." You younger folks wont understand that these were different days, live music was happening and there were more clubs to play in than bands to go in them. You could actually make a modest living as a musician "Fat Chance" was our main competitor, we used to jam at each others show and steal eachothers girlfriends. It was fun. This leads to going into the studio with nine singers to do the second vocal chorus. So you've got the barber shop crew doing the doo-doo-doos and bone-bone-bone and the second chorus doing the ooh's and ahh's with the spoken and shouted ad-libs. all through the whole song graced by Ms. Cordoso's fantastic female lead. These experiments were a success! Next we overdub the reverand on the real drums, get him to do the hammond b-3 over the guitar solo and fire up his roland synth. There are two hammond organs on this by the way on the verses i am playing a hammond m-3 straight with no leslie and the Reverand is on the b-3 with leslie on the guitar solo. That m-3 is a story in itself it had more of a monkees type (I'm A Believer) combo organ sound. When it wasn't gigging we kept it outdoors on the patio. I played that thing to death and used to cut my fingers on the broken keys. I kept a double shot of jack daniels on the top of it to dip my fingers in as an anteseptic the upper and lower keyboards covered with blood.I used it for two years as the house organist at "The Midnight Hour" afterhours club. After my regular show with my group I would go down there and was paid by the owner to sit in with all the groups he would hire.That gig was seven nights from 3 in the morning till seven. It's life ended when it finally broke down for good by being dropped forty feet from a junkyard crane.(why wasn't that filmed.) Now back to the studio at the grand piano doing that track a la Jerry lee lewis/little richard (that one is filmed!) and for good measure do two more rhythm guitar parts with a gibson sg and a rickenbacker 325 to finish off with a rickenbacker 360-12 for the floating funk parts. All of the craziness of that part of my life is on this track including the arrival of my baby son who is heard wailing in the acoustic guitar intro. That is the story and I am sticking to it. When I listen to it I smile and am grateful to still be alive.


Once I got a little lazy digging to much freedom, now I've got the price to pay. Though my problems came I didn't rise to meet them. I did my best to blow them away. Sitting back on a sunny day. Sitting back on a sunny day. When I woke from this dream there was no-one to bluff, the judge believes I'll change my ways. I got my hands cut and callused from the hard work of making my stand as a man. Good LORD please have mercy on my poor soul. I'm just trying to get out of the hole. My car is running rough (no brakes) This stuff is gettin' tough (high stakes) OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!!! I find I can forgive myself these days I know better,I'm caring for a child and me Expierence has taught me that it's best to be patient. You have to see yourself to set yourself free. (Only love will rescue me) See yourself and set yourself free. (Only love will rescue me) Be yourself, let yourself be. (I need love to rescue me) (I need love to rescue me) ALLRIGHT,,,,,,,ROCK IT!!!!! Personnel:Rene Labre:lead vocal,all guitars,grand piano,hammond m-3,harmonica,percussion. The Reverand(Allen Thomas Miller) drums,hammond b-3,synthesizer Lamaur Jones:bass guitar The Barber shop quartet:Rene labre:tenorand soprano/ The Reverand:alto/ Dallas Upton:soprano/David Cook:baritone Lynette Cordoso:Female lead vocal/The second vocal chorus:Barbara Williams, Madeline Ingram,Lynette Cordoso,Johnny Porter,Bryant Collins,Berbie Taylor(rest in peace),The Reverand,Cliff Wilcox,Tommy Stone.