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Rene Labre
Rene Labre Group/American Impact


This experiment contained some interesting moments but my spanish language skills failed me.You just could not fit in all of the words to adapt it cause the music is so fast.I did try the best that I could,I studied up hard on it yet it was,well,initially frustrating,Andy Deganal was engineering the vocal session,then it became funny instead as I would have to be again totally re-coached to do it.I think now I could do much better.And as I said some of it is quite good but in the really long phrases the spanish translation required about seven more words to fit into that space and I am mis-pronouncing all of the O's and the music was just steaming on by me.And we were cracking up laughing also and that made concentration impossible.Andy spoke to me over the talk back and said"You Know you sound like the pope on LSD."I finally squeezed all the words in there.A note on this was that the group "INSYNC" was in studio A at transcontinental studios trying to cop my idea of doing their songs in spanish and they could not do it so they came up with the term "Spanglish version."My publisher,Amercan Impact wanted to toss it in the can but I wanted it released because it is very funny to someone who speaks spanish.So you get a free download of it.I may one day do a humorous video to it.Still I am singing on pitch and the music is pumping some good rock and roll!


This version is the same as the english and done mostly for fun in espanol. This illustrates rather frantic young fellow who has fallen in love with a spanish girl and he does not speak her native toungue undaunted he is gonna do the best he can to express his love for her in her language. And that is what you have got here. Writer:Rene Labre Adapter:Robert Ortiz