(Rene Labre Group-Drew "little" Brown/American Impact)
Jordan Labre/Rene Labre
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I had a bad day at school, I was acting the fool. I did some dancing around, My teacher said "sit down Mister brown." I had a bad day at school I'm rocking these blues. I was so busy clowning around, I didn't see trouble coming down. Didn't want to learn any history, math class is such a misery. In english I should be paying dues. I'm talking to the chickie-poo's. All you cute little chicks with the curly hair, I'm serving notice that I am a player. A bad day at school, it is the lunchroom blues. all that gook they be nukin' has got me choking and puking. I flipped my mashed potatoes at johnny, and threw the mystery meat at tommy. Back in class in the aftenoon, alright class, we will be studying the aerodynamic principles of a slimy spit ball. Threw the air it goes, to land on teachers nose. To the principles office I am headed, All dressed in my fancy clothes. He said 'You are schedualed for detention, and for a long time BUCKO! The thing that really made me sad was when he phoned mom & dad. (improve and -out)