Jimi Hendrix - November 14, 2016

I read about Jimi' homecoming to Seattle.They were dying to hear him play purple haze and he would not do it.Yes he had moved on to other things at that point yet to take four minutes or so to play purple haze,what is the big deal?If I am asked to play Johnny B Good I am more than happy to play it.It ruined the concert,which ought to have been a very special thing.I don't know,if I went home they would not buy Rene Labre Superstar.They would rather see me play in the livingroom or a cookout.They would of course realize I am and respect me for it.I am just Rene to them.

"You have to do a hit man!" - November 14, 2016

I know that,you have to kick ass with a tune.You have got to have a hit.You only need to have one.More than one is even better.You have to have a good hit,one that you like and enjoy to play.I mean if you go onstage and people want to hear you do your hit and you do not do it.Why are you in this crazy business?After you do the hit you can do anything you want.

You are a Gibson guy? - November 14, 2016

Yes,I have been for as long as I can remember.I like other things,love the strat.But get bored with it.And I lost my collection of guitars.That has changed.From an SJ200/12 to an L-5,to "Mudbug." My 345.I am very thankful about that.

Long Time no see - November 14, 2016

Thank you for being there.Have got to back to the studio to do an original.I have one more film on the line,A tribute to Bob Dylan.Everybody finds it so easy to knock him.Oh he can't sing.He is not a good guitar player so forth and so on.I thought his singing is good.That he is a great songwriter.A couple of times he got caught drunk onstage,that is not a good thing.for the last little while I have had to do a capella in the studio.I enjoy it very much.I have had to rebuild every thing.Had a lot of growing up to do.

Occupy your own league. - April 15, 2016

To really cross over you have to stop holding onto your past.Bringing back people that you know are going to let you down.They always have and they always will.And they are not shit.They are parasites on you

The smaller the Vox,the better the sound. - April 15, 2016

True to a point.The smaller Vox may deliver better in the studio.yet what about onstage?So far it is all good.

YourFeelings About This Fake Guitar Thing? - July 8, 2015

"Well I was itchy to get a new 12 string.An acoustic and started original collection which was to die for was stolen from me.And I looked at the prices which had tripled,and set out going to music stores to go out and play some and it was a far thing from the old days.Some were interesting yet I did not really like any of them.Well no I did really like a Gibson B.B. King Model.It was selling for 3 grand,it was so sweet and beautiful I was thinking about walking out the door with it as mine.Then this snooty guy walks up and puts his hands on the fingerboard and tells me"You have a lot of nerve to pick up the most expensive guitar here,that you could never afford and sit here and put smudges on it.I was on a break from my regular job and had my work uniform on.And could have bought the guitar on that day,wrapped her up and took her back to work with me.He was not a Sam Ash employee he was just an effin prick.He killed the sale.I have ups and downs in my career pursuit yet I have done a lot of good business with sam Ash.I unplugged the guitar and walked out the door.I ended up striking up a friendship with a luthier who's family has been making guitars for three generations.A southern backwoods guy who has made boutique guitars for the biggest rock,jazz,classical,stars in the world.He really liked my Hofner.He spat out some tobacco and said "come out to the farm this Sunday and bring 500 dollars,I will build you any guitar you want or could dream up.That will get us started,I do the build yet send it out to my partner who does the inlay is not going to be cheap,yet I will work with you.Figure it to be about two grand.You will be very happy.If anything goes wrong it will be fixed."He is also a master winemaker and bass fisherman.I am not leaving his place without a couple of bottles of tangerine or grapefruit wine.If I were going to buy a Gibson it would be one of the classics.Far and away I would rather support a master luthier and fellow countryman than a corporate executive.

Big Changes - October 31, 2014

New Band,New thing.WOW!

Band Rehearsals Going Well! - October 21, 2014

Lots of New beginnings coming your way! Too cool bleeding my fingers!

I bet the studio you use is all computers! - August 8, 2014

Yes,in fact supercomputers!It is all still just a tape machine to me.One heck of a tape machine!I wish I had a Scully in that mix.To record my acoustic guitar the studio went out and bought a fourteen hundred dollar mic.Just for a rhythm track!That is being serious about something.Making it bound to last.I feel very blessed to have met with wonderful good people to work with.One of the finest producers in the world,Kenny Veenstra.

"I Can't Find Your Album!" - July 25, 2014

At this point I never released an album.Only singles.I don't really like CD's.An album to me really is a big vinyl disc that sounds thick and heavy along with a cover that has large wonderful artwork with news and liner notes or printed lyrics large enough to read.Wow!That was how we grew up,get together with yer mates and trip out to the favor of CD's they are compact,easy and pretty cheap and fast to burn, and sound decent.I sold a ton of them right from the stage.In fact most nights I would make more money from CD sales then what I got paid for the gig!Yet I knew all of this was the interlude to what we are now in,the digital age.Once you have a barcode on an album release you have a street date that sticks forever.To you that may not matter yet to me it does.I want to release a finely aged bordeaux,not a "Boones Farm."

RIP Johnny Winter - July 21, 2014

Very sad to hear of his recent passing,my condolences to his wife,loved ones and many,many sad fans!

Session Sucessful! - July 3, 2014

It made the grade to become a soundtrack for a film!I am pretty happy about it!

Now Which One Would You Prefer? - May 30, 2014

Hands down the bullshit version of us.It is such a great production and such a great lie.We wanted to record it the way we did it onstage but we would have to be changed into a thing that we were not.We would have to accept that too,and go along with it.For the money.Instead we broke up.For now.It hurt man,I lost my niggers.They for a time lost their nig.

In Session This Tuesday ,June 3,2014 /9 am - May 30, 2014

For a film soundtrack by request.A long session,a full day.1 day is set for it,it must be complete,I have agreed to the terms.The Beatles cut their first album in one full day,all of it complete.Nothing was ever added to what was done on that day.Yes it was digitally re-mastered but it was those same tracks the way they were cut on that day,that ruled once and ruled again.In these days of all this phoney cut and paste music,where it ends up being a computer,not you,not the genuine inspiration flowing through you being captured by a magnetic field that freezes not only the fixed sounds but the time itself as well.One experience in New York,I took the whole band up there to cut it and we left the studio with no idea what it would sound like.It was a year and a half overdue,It as not us playing together,it was snippets of us playing little snippets individually.The final production was as great and slick as they come,yet it was not us,it was not our song,it is a computer sample of us doing little snippets.The thing that really made that tune for us was chip's bassline,which was totally ignored for a "Pocket" track.I don't think he will ever forgive me for that.I do not blame him either,yet he does not understand I lost my beautiful guitar solo that I worked for months on.And my piccolo and piano tracks. After all we had been through he quit the band over this record."This is not us,this is not our sound at all,you know I would have stuck with you through anything,but not this.We never had money and we always struggled just to make our little pay,yet we would kick down the fence.I would walk through hell with you,I always have,do you remember when people wanted to hang us in a lynch mob for playing our stuff?I will not play that shit onstage to get rich,I don't know who the fuck that is,yet it ain't us.This was a huge loss in my life,not just my favorite bassist,when we would write many times he would be the leader and the coach,Marvin and I listening to him putting our vocal harmonies together and the music parts.All of the fun we had onstage,I remember one time a white guys chick was digging him,and the guy spit on Chip and threw his drink on him,I danced over to and we together danced up and kicked they guy in his face,shouting one,two,three...Kick!Alas,there would be no "Black Beatles" without him.Yet worry not my friend,I still have them for you.I learned the final lesson from him too,Be yourself.Now I shall post rare of "The Black Beatles,"The Rene Labre Group final edition doing our world cast concert for Iradiola live,and the puke record attempting to give you the mass media idea of who we were.He said "Rene you may not understand how I feel but if we allow them to do this to us,it is just going to get worse and worse.We are going to have less and less say until we have no say at all.We just play for the money and suck dick. I can't do that man,you know that it is not us."

Smaller amps in the studio work better? - May 26, 2014

Smaller amps work better in the studio,to me they both work the same,if you are gonna use a big rig,crank the sucker,in terms of a heavy rock solo.The pinnacle I reached with that on my material was the guitar solo on "American Idol Audition."Two classic Marshall plexies,without master volumes,with four 4x12 speakers cabinets.The amps were in the control room,the speaker cabs in the recording room.All sixteen speakers were miked plus four overhead mics in the corners."Lead guitar heaven "as it were."I played the solo from the control room,you would surely go deaf to be in the recording room.The decibels being equal to an f-14 at mach 9,ear splitten loud and boomer as the Germans would say.Well this is recording with Tom Morris as my producer.We are going for mach ten.I had my guitar with me,my SG,yet Tom told me he felt he could control this insanity better if I used his Black Les Paul Custom."ok" was my response,it is a very melodic solo that I had rehearsed thousands of times.Done in two tracks octaves.He tweaked the knobs on the amps,the guitar,and the SSL console.I sat in a comfy chair and played.The result speaks for itself.In it is Michelle Rene's dream that I helped her with.It is not a free download my little music pirate.The little new world order creeps,they fear most of all free thinking,especially artist wise,they want to lock you up into their little one size fits all box.The most important gift you have to share in your life is your free will.I am now going to put the lovely Michelle Rene first in the playback box of my site,with her dream coming true.Then I am going to play my guitar solo for her.I do not forget these things man,she was only 17 years old at this time.

I Have Dropped "Poor Side Of Town " From My repetoire. - March 28, 2014

You will not be able to buy it nor stream it.I will no longer perform it,no matter the price.The video will stay up though.

Also you want to master your recording - March 26, 2014

That is the final step and is a must.It is much cheaper than recording/mixing time.It unifies and tweaks your final sound so no matter what it playing it it sounds it's best.You want to have a single speed glass master.Now it is time to write your next tune bro...

Then you can really produce the beautiful sounds of the acoustic. - March 26, 2014

In the studio the less you do the more you can do with it.You must record with a metronome,not a problem when you get used to it.Acoustic,organic instruments naturally record better.Without the metronome,for your music to be further produced,perhaps as a soundtrack or an advert,in the digital age another producer is unlikely to pick up on it.An artist covering it may want to use the original rhythm track,yet mix it differently.Saving them time and money in the studio.If it is not digitally formatted correctly they can't use it.That being said, you want your demo recording to be as high quality as possible.You want to save it in three different
formats,vox and music,vox up,vox down.You copyright it,cddb it,and register it with your PRO.Plus you own and/or control the masters.If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me,I will be glad to help you out.

Style Change? - March 26, 2014

All of my recorded work was originally drafted on a simple acoustic guitar and then built up from there,the acoustic built the road and then the hot rods would ride it.At the time it was good yet that little organic track would end up lost in the mix.Now you can really hear it,and the vocals.Instead of filling up the space I am leaving it open.It would be great if another artist covered me and they could expand it from there.They could have the fame and all of the hoopla and I get a little check in the mail.I don't have to deal with all of the showbiz stuff,the images and the eminence front.I just love what I do,that's all.

"But Covers can help you!" - March 26, 2014

I don't think so,there was a brief time when you could "Piggyback" as they say,but that is just crammed up to the gills with any good song.And then you have to deal with a legitimate third party interest.Thus you are not free to use it as you please.Getting a mechanical license is fairly easy,but a sync license,which you really need is a real hassle to work out.So "Poor Side Of Town" is the end of the line.That was a great one for me,I can feel that one so well and have always been a fan of Johnny Rivers.I could do a tremendous version because I did not have to fake it.That it got to be a video was an accident,I had some extra studio time left and just did an acoustic take with a voice just for grins and giggles.A great producer picked up on it,next thing I know I am blowing a solo on the oboe, and starring in a fantastic video.Yet it ain't my toy to play with.I don't want to do an album with covers on it.

Rock Star! - March 24, 2014

My silly dream coat I wore as a younger man.The self destructive lifestyle which almost did self destruct me a few times.I prefer "Artist" and would rather work behind the scenes in composition and production Then the limelight.Would like to write a tune that would be covered by someone in that kind of position.Let them have the glory an fame and all of the crap that goes with it and I get a nice check for my efforts,meet up and work with some good people.I still perform onstage,yet my life does not depend upon it as it did for so many years.The world changed.The younger generation has their own style of music.I have my own style of music.There is an audience for it.That would be what I asked for.The audience would support my work.Of course I want you to hear it and choose to play it.You have heard the streams of it for no charge.Thus you know what you are buying.Some folks even lift it,but you lose so much of the quality of it that way it ain't even worth it.Give it to them and let it be heard.Leave them wanting more of it!

"You Do Not Have An album." - March 24, 2014

No,not really,too many changes were going down in the business and I did not want to have a street date.I was strongly advised to avoid digital distribution.I would have wanted to set it up so you could buy individual tracks.Plus all original material so I wouldn't have to screw around with licensing issues.My producer really put his foot down on that."No More cover songs."

Did you,Would You,Sell Your Soul To Be Famous? - March 19, 2014

No,I did not.I was offered and I was tempted,I have friends that are wiccan and casting that thing is very easy.The price you will pay is another thing,to be tormented your whole natural life,which you can extend to 300 years yet when you die also you do not rest in peace.I believe in hard work and developing your skills.Being coached by good people.Always everyone that made it had to sell their soul,I do not think so.They worked hard at it.They did not cave in.They waited tables
and attended classes and workshops.Honed their skills.why would Satan be interested in you if you had no talent when he could find so many with talent?Can you believe that Elvis got robbed of his Joy?Tormented,drug addicted..all alone.Slept pretty much with any woman he wanted.1000's of them.Had anything he wanted Carte Blanche.Died miserable very possibly suicide.Couldn't face the next tour.Yet with his millions he was being pressured for money by his manager, who would easy blow 80,grand at the poker table in Vegas.with all of the bread that he made did he not make enough stable investments that he could not be pressured to tour until he was ready to do so? Got off the drugs,he was hooked on heavy drugs,equal to a mercy cocktail they give terminal patients.For breakfast,lunch,and dinner.I can't even imagine being that stoned!I would not even be able to get out of bed.And he would walk out onstage and perform and not miss a tick!Not this time though.The day before he was to go on this tour he died.

Spammers,inboxes destroyed,now the guestbook.Pushbutton millionare for life! - March 14, 2014

I bet you hate it as much as I do.And it is all worthless!No they don't want your $997 dollars,not even your $199,Just for today before their site goes down forever
you only have to give them $47 dollars and in return you will receive nothing.Nothing of any real world value.Yes, after you go through some hoops you may get your money back.You may as well delete your inbox because all of their assholes friends are going to buy the list with your name on it.

And then those videos,that total crap that is such a waste of your time.Same story over and over,lost my job,down to my last can of beans,my wife is sick,and just when I was about to pimp my daughter,an old friend from high school called,a programmer,called me to meet him for coffee.He told me of a secret formula he invented and he wrote on his napkin and passed it over to me,it said,mvspo.."Wow! what does that mean Joe!"He leaned over and whispered.."Make a video and screw people over."Today take a look at the phony bank statement I cut and pasted to the web,last week I grossed $198,028.42 while I was masturbating,completely on auto pilot!I have three dream homes and a different color Porche for every day of the week.(Never mind that they broke into some rich guys home while he was away to do the filming.He gets back and wonders why there is a screwdriver in the ignition of his yacht.)"But hey man,it is not about the money,I am tired of being ripped off by all of those phony guru's out there,now that I have made it,I want to give back and help people.For this one day only I want to help you to send me some of your hard earned money."
So what to do? For free you can set up a junk e-mail address, now and then you visit it and delete all or just let it bog up with 4599 worthless e-mails,then when you go to your personal e-mail
it is all clean and tidy.nice!
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