at the end of the day what matters is the music! - March 12, 2014

I have stored my treasures in a place where they will not rust.I have the masters.I am deeply indebted to many friends,I do not forget these things.

Why Did Not The Rene Labre Group Go Mianstream? - February 26, 2014

We were censored from the public.

You Don't do Guitar Solo's As You Used To. - February 17, 2014

On the next record I will.

Rene Labre two Broken Ribs! - February 13, 2014

A slip in the shower and two resulting broken ribs have slowed down Rene's latest recording project.
"Ow,oh boy!Out all the way for this month!"

Thus I am back now. - January 3, 2014

I had to take a few weeks off to recover from eye surgery.It was successful and I am no longer blind in my left eye,I am 20/20!My left eyelid drooped to the point of making me blind.That is all fixed now.I had to hide behind sunglasses for many years.that's all over now!

What it is,THE QUESTION. - December 1, 2013

I had to do something I wanted and loved to do.Yet most of time it was out of my control beyond the execution of it.

Production meeting/studio deposit november 8,2013 - November 7, 2013

Making the next recording session official!This is part of the fun of making a record.I run all of the details of a production.The dub has already been cut the acoustic guitar and bass with a guide vocal.Cut using a click track.It is about as close in as you can hem it.The next session is simply to tweak the two parts in perfectly,clean them all up magnetically and then to mix them somewhat more.pump them up a bit since they are both ending as predominate parts.So then as we move forward that is a lock reference.4 backups will also be done.One of the back ups will be a cassette dump.You never know what could happen.A lot of new toys to play with in the studio,a mellotron,yet the trick of it is being able to make it sound good onstage,even if I have to do it myself.Or ya know,take it way far out.I have been working very hard on my regular job to pay for it.The style is very different,or is it?It is Americana/arcadian.I am going to take New Orleans out with this tune.You can laugh if you want,I don't care what you think.So I can do what I want.I work for my living man.I live an honest life,a good life.My car may be tacky but she runs good and is all paid for.If I had a car payment I could not afford the studio.And the engine is perfectly tuned,I would drive it to California if I have too.Peace out from yer pal Frenchy!

Are you losing money? - October 30, 2013

Note from my publishing desk to indie artists.I got a call from my attorney telling me she was contacted by Sound Exchange that i had some fairly substantial royalty payments standing unclaimed from digital and broadcast performances.You as an indie artist may have the same thing going for you,if your tune is streamed you get paid.Now trying to track this all down yourself is a daunting task because remember this is global.Collecting your bread from overseas PRO's is tough.If you have as us Performing rights organization,unless you are a major artist that is not going to be a big help to you.sound exchange will get that together for you and get your bread to you.even if it is only 40 dollars if you don't collect it it will go to the majors.Two other people now offer that service,CD Baby ans Jango or radio airplay or what ever they are called this week.Yet their costs are high in my opinion,a one time only set up fee of 100 bucks or so but then they dip in for 20% of what they collect leaving you of course to foot the tax bill.How did they get this service together,all of these important connections?Why silly they use sound exchange and rep you.This is not to say they are ripping you off,they will pay up yet you will wait longer to get paid and pay a fee that you do not have to.If you are a recording artist or sound recording copyright owner there may be royalties waiting for you to collect.WORD MAN!

Can You Justify Not Working Live? - September 23, 2013

No I can't,the type of thing that I do is made to be live on stage.Plus for a performer that is where your money is.And where your life is reallythat crazy guy onstage is who I really am.My so-called real life is the put on.Yet I draw the inspiration for my writing from real life,yet I am a fish out of water so-to speak.This is the first time in my life that I haven't had a van.Which is a must for a musician.And for the last 22 years I was a single parent,I had to be there for my son first.Plus work a regular job as a truck driver.With the baby now dinner had to be on the table every night.Diapers had to be changed,the pediatrician,You can't be off hangin'out all crazy hours doing crazy things.You have been voted by the Mom's of the block to take the kids to the park this week.And these are all real good for my music I got much more heavily into writing and recording in the I was playing Gospel music in church.The last music video was fantastic and the next session/film is underway.My boy is grown up now and on his way.He is going to produce my next record.Well,have a very strong say in how it is done.As long as I have to work a regular job I can't go on the road.I would lose my job.I do not have the fan support to help me out.It would cost them next to nothing to help me out.So who pays the studio bill?Me,the artist.Yet I also own it free and clear.I work in state of the art studios with fantastic producers.

I have Not Forgotten Michelle Rene - September 18, 2013

A lot of my website,right now points to the story of Michelle Rene."I met a young girl who gave me a rainbow."We wanted her to do the lead vocal on "Poor Side."When we found her we found she had passed on at age 23 from breast cancer.She lived her life to do two things,to sing and to ride greyhound buses.She would work as a hotel maid save up some money and get on a hound to ride to sing at blues jams in different cities.I captured her legend here,as much as you will ever know.she would work with the band live,we would bring her out to do on or two tunes every set.She brought entire audiences to tears.

What About Your Guitar? - September 18, 2013

"It appears in the new music you are doing that you have all but abandoned the guitar." "Not so sayeth me,the songs are all built on the guitar,it is the silver needle.Yet the voice is the golden cord. Yet the use of the guitar is now much more subtle.On the album,yes that is being done, there is more than plenty of guitar,yet in the studio has been a lot of growth and expansion,instead of a guitar solo that would have sounded like millions of other guitar solo's I played an oboe for the solo section.I had recorded a guitar solo,and it was sweet yet my producer and I looked at each other,it just clicked man and he said "can you do a different instrument there for the just sounds to typecast."Zing! right away I knew the oboe was perfect.It fit the stripper much better in the film. I record in part at Colorama Studios for the reason that I can choose from 200 vintage guitars which one would be the best sound.Plus my double bass is there."Poor Side" was done on a 1963 Rickenbacker 360,all of the electric guitar parts.I don't choose the guitar either,they choose the best one for me.What do I care,they are all vintage not re-makes in show room condition.Les spent a lot of bread and traveled the world to get his collection.Myself,I don't want to carry a bunch of guitars around,I suffered a devastating guitar heist.The collection I had was perfect for me.The foul bastards did not get my Les Paul Custom because she was with me.Right away I had a friend of mine put her into a vault.Then I got an amazing deal on a little German made Hofner Colorama."Plain Jane."I got her refinished and rebuilt by the factory in Germany.Set up for my gauges of 0.12 to 0.56,with 8 coats of the finest black lacquer,Her name is now "Berquis."You will hear her on the next tune..

Best Seafood Gumbo - August 20, 2013

Houston,Texas,The Gumbo king.Only one item on the menu,gumbo with french bread.All you can eat for $5.95.You will cruise the first bowl an order the second.Everybody in the restaurant is sweating bullets.Ordering,pearl,Jax, or Lone Star beer by the pitcher.

You Prefer The Recording Studio? - August 20, 2013

Yes.I mean I can always play live.Yet in the studio I can lay down my trip just the way I want it.I have an excellent recording engineer and producer so it is going to sound top shelf.With a single speed glass mastering lab onsite.I do most all of the music and I do that better than anyone.Just myself I am The Doors or what have you.and it lasts for as eternity.That great show I did at Tom and Sonny's steakhouse in Wichita,is lost forever.Wichita is a good town by the by,San Antonio too,not big cities like ny/la yet very cool people.Rapid City,I left there with 7 girls wanting to have sex with me as I packed my bags.My wife at that time was with me.And she said "honey these girls want to do you.If you want to go with that I will step aside and it is okay.surely the offer was tempting but I whispered to her,"I only want you babe."Wise choice for a married guy.The Hotel St.Gregory was such a cool plaee,the band would go down to dinner and the waitress would be rubbing her leg all over me.My wife saw that and kept her mouth shut.She knew that she would be sleeping with me tonight.

Guru's Launching you can make 3,000 Dollars a Day On Autopilot - August 16, 2013

Every inbox I have is crammed with this shit.Once you release your e-mail look out.You spend many wasteful hours unsubscribing and deleting and another hoard arrives.From affiliates living in bungalows.Barely able to pay the rent facing eviction.Sending you this fucked up non-entertaining non-educational video.all based from P.T. Barnum's great truth "there is a sucker born every minute.WASTING YOUR TIME MATE!The most boring film project you have ever seen,the same old worn out plot every time.The fancy house,the fancy cars,the sexy chicks,there is not even any imagination to it,it is the same plot and storyline.Most of the time is downloads off of a cheapie server so it stops and starts.Americans especially are suckers for film sets and photo sets,they think is is real.More real than life itself.All of that shit is either rented, borrowed, or broken into while the owner is away.Trust me on that.The storyline is always the same,check me on this,"I lost my job,my wife and kids were very unhappy that we were not going to eat today,and the dog was upset because we were going to dine today on milkbones and alpo.But I was determined to find a way to make money online.As my family was eating dogfood I tapped out all of my credit cards to spend 30,000 dollars I did not have to take every online course offer by the "Gurus" and attend every seminar I could.My wife was on the verge of becoming a prostitute,she told me I had two more days before she was going to go to the truckstop and blow every trucker she could to feed the family,this really hurt me bad,I had to find a way to make easy money i called and old friend from High school Ed who I had asked to develop me some software.I met Ed for coffee and told him what a fuck up I was and he took a napkin and scrolled the "top secret formula to me.IfIC?Hv/a wit/w y=gt=it!" 'what does that mean Ed?" He took a drink of coffee and whispered to me,If I can have anal with your wife,you get it." My hands trembled,the whole world shook! I told my pal Ed "she is asleep at the crummy motel but I will wake her up for you>"Now I have the secret to being an online millionaire.Look at the fake screen snapshots of somebody else's account the next day after Fred had my wife.Now I work three minutes a day and jump up and down on the beach as the money flows in on autopilot.My wife is so happy,an so is Ed and I can spend time all of my time with my family.when i am not vacationing all over the world anytime I want.But my mission in life is to help you beat all of these so called "Fake Guru's"what would it be worth for you to have have this?"to hear your wife say "Oh Ed,do me harder,'I ought to charge you 3 grand for that video alone,but no,not even half that,not even 200 dollars,if you act right now and give me your name and e-mail address you can have this life changing software for only 97 dollars if you act right now and click the sucker button below.Try it free for sixty days and if you are not completely satisfied look at the phoney sticker I downloaded for a certified money back guarantee.Of course for the low price of 97 dollars,when you opt in I will immediately begin to up sell you for hundreds of more dollars,and if you click away I will immediately offer just a special deal to you.if you do not go with this I am sorry for you loser.That is how deep they are cheap and phony.They will rake you for every penny you have 99.9% of them.No originality to any any of it,an old repeat.They live in a bungalow in San Bernadino.You keep your hard earned cash and save it up to go to school and learn how to write html code or write a book or something.Or just keep your money.These videos are the dreck of artistic expression.They all have the same theme and storyline in one way or the other and will leave you sad and more broke than you were before.Check me and see if I am lying to you.

New Single New Film? - August 14, 2013

Have started work recording,laid rhythm tracks for an original,going to do the same for a cover.Have a huge problem amongst other huge prob's,the drummer I want to use has to undergo serious carpal tunnel surgery in his left wrist..Davy Boy,(David Hughes.)

The Call To Go Live - August 10, 2013

"But it's been hard eh?" "Shite mate I knew going in that is was not going to be exactly a walk in the pretty park, if you want anything ye have to apply yourself to it.I have to thank many people for allowing me to crash on their couch or spare room,studio,laundromat,state park picnic tables and not toss me out into the cold.As an artist I never compromised.'Sigh,It's lookin' much like I ought to get a real job.or survive on dog food." I would have to admit,if ye be hungry enough a can of alpo with lamb and rice would become very tasty.With potato chips.A gypsy once to me about "wallpaper soup" from the old wheat paste wall paper.100% organic,no chemicals.No I never ate dog food,Gebers baby food was cheap and plentiful enough thank you very they have raman noodles for starving artists.'Tis like eating at the ritz it is.3 for a buck laddie.You can get your single and film done and still enjoy three squares a a crisis situation,those 49 cent "Vienna" sausages will become a delicacy.

Free Download Today,Two Tunes.. - August 1, 2013

In Memory of the recent passing of my dear friend and excellent session drummer/percussionist Bill Bland' I an for 48hours releasing two free downloads which feature his genius, "Teen America Theme" And Crawdaddy County 911."
Bill is featured on drums and all things percussion on may of my tracks.Today I sadly mourn the loss of a dear friend and professional associate.

Thank you so much for your support - July 27, 2013

I thought I was going to fail,I tried so hard and failed so many times,I let down a lot of people that I love so much.Sally Robinson,surfer girl.My Nevada agent.She has got to say to you that Iam a motherfucker

Wicked Banner EH? - July 23, 2013


So to you what is the studio? - July 13, 2013

My canvas,my playground,my asylum.It became the only place left where I could create.I had gotten much better on many more instruments than just the guitar,very competent on the piano and organs because that was what I was playing all of the time in church.The club scene and keeping a band together had played out for me.I had done that for such a long time dragging up a new band,rehearsing it up and takin' it out.When that group bummed out I would play for somebody Else's thing.Chat up some new people and get another band together.After a few months of work the band would get tight and then go up in smoke.In those days also there were a lot of places to play.Folks had jobs and had money so they would get out and about.Before the internet they would follow a band around.The tip jar was always full,that money was set aside for repairing and replacing equipment or an emergency,and we got paid without complaint,the club owners or restaurant,or pub...bottle club was banking big cash every night.Then the legal drinking age got spiked to 21 and the DUI thing spun out of control.The big money was now going to attorneys and judges and civic governments.After working your job all week you want to go out and relax,listen to a band,dance on the dance floor and have a few drinks,maybe get lucky with a girl.So you are going to get busted for dui on the way home and you drank four beers.No point to even discuss this,it is the way it is.You drink more than three beers and get stopped you are toast!I drink coca cola at gigs man.A good thing to do if you are going out to party is to order a pitcher of water.So you are not drinking alcohol all of the time.Saving you a lot of money and alcohol is water soluble,as in pissing the night away.And you will not smell like you have been drinking.Anyway after how many years on the road and whatever fun and craziness.I was now a single parent.I had to change.I could no way be out and about like I used to,I had to have a real home and live a real life.I had a baby to raise.I wanted out anyway,I do not want to be known for singing rolling stones songs on stage,I wanted to sing my songs.And when the baby is hungry you have to feed them,if sick they have got to go to the pediatrician,you have to play with and love them and take them to the park.Yet I still had to create.So in the studio I do not need to carry a band,I could do it all.I finally bought an acoustic guitar and wrote all of the songs on that,so I could do them onstage that way.Because one day I am going to have to sing and play for my supper.You do not buy my records and why should you,you can get them for free if you like them.I am happy that you like and listen to them.A
nd with your support I could once again get a bad ass band together and do it all right.It is embarrassing to me yes,I think I have sold 20 songs on the internet.5000+ direct from the stage.My best sale was a yardnote for the last one I had,I was only charging a fiverr but the guy handed me a yard and said "Keep the change."I realized I had made it.One hundred bucks for one of my obscure cd's.I split that between the band that night.Oh if only they had held on for 6 more months.We would have been on a major label.But why would you want to be on a major label when you can have full control of your destiny?Own your own stuff to pass down to your children.If you are here right now you are my fan,I am your artist.thank you so much!

'It Looks Like You Are Gonna Make it,Why? - July 11, 2013

I have a great crew.Positive communication on ALL levels.No time for losers man.No head games,no ego trips,no star trips.No auto tuner.No expectations.No compromises,we play it straight and by the book,textbook.I have every reason to be very thankful about that,especially that it is full throttle,not watered down by compromise nor is so tasty.No shortcuts,It must be the class quality,the same a major label would deliver.Me as a star?Far from that matey,we are all just the crew here.We all eat at the taco wagon man.The project is a celebration of life.Oh yes I know your draggy thing,that I am supposed to fail.I have heard that time after time.It just bores me so."I am not with the right people here,it is close yet it ain't the right people."That is not to be bitter about about it,that also is a waste of time.and it will destroy you,make you get hung up in one place one the journey so you do not make the next move out ahead of the are going to drink it,or drug it,or smoke your life away.Yer gonna fall down man.what the fuck happened to you,and you will have every excuse about it.'My people let me down,my wife left me,It is your life man,get over that shit and move on!Move ahead.Did you finally learn how to spot a phoney,how good is your drummer?"He blows my fucking face off,I thought that with my producer we had total control over a session until he walks in.All business man.

1966 "Poor Side Of Town" Production Technique - June 29, 2013

We are most probably talking a four track recording machine.At best an 8 track at RCA Hollywood,or some huge major label studio.A 16 track was surely unheard of.The trick of the trade for engineers in that day was "ping-ponging," recording and then stacking tracks on top of each other.Mixing the tracks down at the same time.All analog.Editing with a razor blade and scotch tape.No compression,noise reduction or "tape hiss" was in it's infancy,no dolby nor dbx.When you popped your fresh bought single or album,brand new onto the record player when the needle hit the grooves it would go snap,crackle, pop.And then the tune would play.Most records were in what they would call mono or single track playback between all speakers,mixed down to one channel.Or you could spend a few extra pennies and get a stereo two track mix which you could pan from left to right.With The Beatles all of the singing would be in the left channel and all of the music in the right.and you would receive a stern warning not to play a stereo record on a mono machine,"you would do irreparable damage to both the record and your machine."In truth it would just playback in mono.which was soon to be phased out,yet some of the greatest record producers like Phil Spector would only record in mono. A full orchestra in the studio under one overhead mic.The players provided the dynamics.Pretty cool man.

Masterpiece Revisited,1966 to 2013 - June 29, 2013

It's the same old song yet sung to a much different world with a much different meaning.
The original "Poor Side Of Town" co-written By Johnny Rivers and Lou Alder almost did not see the light of day as the record label,Imperial,did not want to release it.Johnny Rivers success was based on him being a simple straight ahead rocker,this love ballad thing was to big of a change,"they won't buy it Johnny," Yet Mr.Rivers and Alder stuck to their guns and it went to Billboard #1 with a bullet in the midst of "The British Invasion."

The production was a huge full monty with a full orchestra,back round chorus and the top LA session men of the day.All designed to fit into the tiny speakers of a transistor radio that blasted the tune on am to the summer beach people.A huge winner straight up from the opening sweet R&B guitar lick.

So I am working with one hell of a great tune!

Forward to the future-2012,I am sitting at Colorama Studio way out in the woods with a Rickenbacker 330 in my hands and a vocal mic leaning down on me.The engineer Les,says "Play something Frenchy" and I hit that lick.Just that,the same one you hear on the record.I sat there with my phones on waiting for a playback while Les And Kevin Knoll were talking and then in came the playback buzz 'Frenchy do you know that whole tune?Can you play and sing an acoustic track to it?""Yes." "ok lets go man!"Next thing I know I have a Gibson Hummingbird in my hand doing the rest of the tune,based upon that first lick,singing the lead vocal."Cool Frenchy,let's get some bass on that!Two parts went down,an electric five string and an acoustic upright double bass."We are really cooking Frenchy,go back to the Ric and do one more electric guitar."That's all that is happening is two guitar parts.Sometimes on my previous records there are 20 to 30 guitar parts.The bass is just super thick and that is what I brought to my producer Kenny @ progressive music to work with.There I laid the piano track and chorus vocals,Kenny did the Hammond organ and I blew the oboe solo.We had a very hard time with the live drums,the session guys just could not put the right feel on the tune.David Hughes took time out from his grinding schedule an set all straight.What a relief!And then Kenny,very quietly said,"We need to make a film of this, the shit state that the world is in today." So much different than 1966, and the world of security,2013 is a world of uncertainty.The survival of our free system is based upon a strong middle class and a strong labor force doing the work.A strong family structure.Family picnics.Not to just slide by,to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.You can take the handout that ain't going to get you anyplace but perm poor or you can take the step out and do something.I personally feel that it is the artists who have to step up.Maybe for a minute forget about the money.And just do it man!

Testimony-My Producer - June 21, 2013

Hitting you top dead center,all 24 valves kicking!Just a monster video going,and thanks so much for not letting me down.And just a flat out kick ass single.I owe many thanks to my cool friend Johnny Rivers.As well as quite a few spag dinners.I was really feelin' pretty hog -to -the -draws,like I was going to give up music and let what stands speak for itself.Just do some gigs every now and then,hit up some blues jams and blow the roof off of the place!Yet I thought,"kenny is so perfect to produce me.don'tI will go down to Abbey Road South and beg him to produce me,Beg him,not blow him.He would not allow me to beg,And I don't blow dudes,we are very longtime friends and business associates,So he sat down and started talking to me about his life.You know you have a dear friend when you don't see them for years and just pick up where you left off.Eventually I got to the point,"I want you to produce both my music and films."If you commit to doing a full album I will cut you a rate,but I have got to have fun doing this or all bets are off.He wrote the rate on a piece of paper.Putting a finger to his lips he said."I better have fun with this,I expect you to be at all times on top of your fucking game.I am not going to cut you any slack in both your performance and your acting.You have to come with your best man."He is the sole proprietor of Progressive Music And Media.I don't have a label deal I have a designer obsessed with quality.I reside in the company of brilliance.A child prodigy as a pianist,he also is now my pianist.Normally on my records I have always done the piano,yet to hear him play I forget all about playing the piano,I strum and whip up on my guitar and listen to him play the piano.For which he is going to have to go out on the road.Cause if you have got something going you are going to have to go out and play it live.If you were going to download the tune to your iPod and pay a buck for it that would be of such help.Then you would be a real fan.Our client if you will.Part of the team."In from the ground floor" if you will.So my producer has these qualities,he is a certified recording engineer and a musician.He has perfect hearing and pitch.He is buzzed on the project,he knows more than me what I sound like.He is also a film producer,he is going to draw out of me the best that I can do.Sometimes he can be so hard,yet sometimes so gentle,come out from the control room and sit on the floor and say "could you try it like this?Other times very harsh "come on reneboy,let's get in focus,where is the damn low e note,you call that scene intense,you look as fatal as last week's lettuce!"As long as he is not saying anything from the control room I am dropping a serious track.Yet he,more then me, knows what I sound like.How I sound.Wow! how lucky I scored!

Notes on the last session - June 13, 2013

The thing that had to be done was a banging acoustic track,playing lead and rhythm guitar at the same time to a click.That was done,it took two hours because of some changes to the arrangement my producer suggested.and he was expecting I would add more guitars,I felt that way too,until I heard the track.And how it mastered the click.I beat the living shit out of that box really bad.There isn't any room left for any other guitars,And that was just today's business you know?We had time left for me to drop the bass,just on my five string,no upright this time.Oh man he jumped down on my shit So bad,"here is where you ruin the song,busy,busy filling every hole.please give me that bass and let me show you how to play whole notes."And it clicked with me, I ought to know that."Where is the drummer going to play while you are doing all of that wasteful shit?Playing the bass like a guitar player ?I do not hear that shit at all dude!"This is the way a great producer speaks to you,you are dropping your part as he is getting together your sound.That big ass stuff that sounds nothing like the demo.He does get really pissed of when i go off the drift.I do not take it personally,I play it they way he wants to hear it.I smoke his fucking ass!The guitar track is out of this world.
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