(00) (00) You Were Suppose T Be On Lead Vocal For That By Your Production Contract!

That is true,I almost lost the session over it.Yet Marvin Is so fantastic on it!He would have backed of and let me do it but ya know that is his tune that we all composed and authored together.And he sang it the best.It was for me to do the supporting vocal parts.My jaw just dropped in awe when he was doing his tracks.The control.I was so riht to let him do it!I may cover it on my next album to confirm that.We were a rag tag semi-pro outfit runningfrom lynch mobs after every show.Yte when we went up to pointsetta dirt to NYC to haead in thew studio we became NYC and NYC became us.We sounded toally major label.And whilst we were doing it it bacame very shakey,as we were being produced.World class.State of the arts.!We were not calling the shots as we normally would.i had by contract surrendered production conttrol to go to The Big Apple and cut a very fine record.I gave u the lead vocal spot.Ad my niggers took down the fence in a big way.They copped all the way to being produced as successful.They read music you see.And we all played what Mike Rodgers wrote."In the hotel after hours Chip and Marvin laughed at me."He is going to bust down your little shit tomorrow too..."Which he did so hard.Broke me down hard to not even exist and then re-built me into a new form,major label contender.