A Personal Message,I Tried And I Failed

Most of my blogs and stuff are answering e-mail questions from fans or up and comers who want to know.It would violate their privacy to publish their e-mail address so I don't and I have a very large now e-mail list that I do not spam ever,if I get some kind of a good break I will broadcast it at that point.Te questions I get asked inspire me.I have always been a dreamer,and I have tried and tried and failed and failed.If you do not try of course you will never have done nothing.I would prefer to try and fail then to do nothing and go nowhere.And this only works if when you try,you try your hardest.You put all that you have got into it.You give it your best when the odds are against you.If good fortune smiles upon you it is easy when you win yet when things don't work out the way you had planned how do you handle that? Do you blame everyone else or accept responsibility for your failure? And most important of all LEARN from it.This is not so easy when you have been knocked down into the dirt.Still you NEVER give up.And you have to believe in yourself here with this.You were right and they were wrong,all of the big winners expierenced defeat at some time or another this is what gave them DEPTH which enabled them to overcome their shortcomings.They learned to have a back up plan when things got dicey.Nobody is going to win all of the time anyway.For a season you may have to back off on the big plan and work your survival plan,the one that pays the rent.Things you plant take time to develope so you also haver to learn to be patient and not go around blowing your clues and burning bridges.This does not just apply to music,perhaps you love to bulid birdhouses....That you love to do it is the key to being sucessful at it because that is what you are projecting and what people catch onto,they notice that you love what you do.You are steady tweaking and refining it.I could go so selfish and bogue about it,right now I could set up an ad to get your music and your group on american broadcast radio for proven spins if you sign up and send me seven thousand dollars and a decently produced and mastered track,I know the two top and award winning independent radio promotors in the US,and they would have to approve your track before they charged you.6 grand for them and a grand for me and you will receive legitimate reports of your airplay on a weekly basis.Maybe you are only being played at 3 in the morning yet a spin is a spin and if somebody digs it they will call in to the station.I am busy with other things and don't care to work it,write me and I will give you their names for free.The course of your failure will lead you to your skills.which is what makes you happen.If you are a wrier you have got to stop being so lazy and keep on writing..when you give up you become a slave you see.I refuse to be that because I am not that.I shall never be a slave to anything.I swore that upon my Father's grave.You may even consider me to be that but I do not care what you think.I know who I am.Oh and also it is not aout the money,I know many totally incompetant human beings who make a lot of money.They pay a lot of taxes too...they have very clean hands but they still are slaves to the master.It is laying down a job professionally done that satisfies the dream.Then when you are going to hold the dream in your hands it moves on up a step ahead of you.