Abbey Road South...WHAAT?

"Donna was produced and mastered there down in old Soho.The original tracking done at Colorama Studios with Kevin Knoll producing.I do not like to switch studios in the middle of a session project although sometimes it cannot be avoided.And Colorama was a lot of fun to work at,I will be back there again.But Abbey Road South is a spaceship.Compact yet technically advanced total state of the art.With a grand piano tuned after every session.Geared primarily as a mastering lab but functional as a studio.I am so elated,I started off so inspired later to become so tired,it is a really long haul.I have not been really active for quite a few years.I could not find anything I was comfortable to work with and I don't want to have a band anymore.Man I am just so over that shit.Any band is eventually a bad marriage,for a time it all pulls together and that is great but one day it is going to pull apart and you have to be ready to overcome that.Somehow,I don't know because you are so closely relying upon eachother and co-dependent to exist so when one decides to pull the other way it effects all.In a successful band everyone for a time is pulling in the same direction.That is the only way it works,I am speaking professionally...full time through all of the ups and downs.I did it as the leader of the band for years and years.I had no personal life to speak of.The group,whichever group, came always before that.And I was dedicated to that illusion.It made me very sick but I hung on until I had to walk onstage all by myself because everyone had walked.After they had done all that they could to wreck it.Obvious I did that show in very low spirit until I spoke with Candy the bartender who said "Do you own all of the copyrights to the original material?"I said "yes,I have got that."And she responded "Well then you should be happy tonight because you do not need them anymore and can freely do whatever you want to do without worrying about them."