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Artistcally and creatively yes.If I had to die tomorrow I got the work done.Justas I wanted it to be.I really like to rock yet I can't take to be molded into just one style.To do only one thing.I have studied music my whole life.Sometimes I love to play country music.when I am onstage I have got to play something that people want to hear or else I am not going to get paid,or get paid with complaint,but you are going to be happy to pay me what we agreed and I am delighted to accept it.And we worked and had fun!Tonight was very cool as The Blueman gave me an extra show this weekend at Circles in Apollo Beach...a five star restuarant.We had a very friendly couple Bonny and Ron digging everything we were doing,they even went so far as to buy us dinner.It was just me and the blueman doing backround dinner set work and Bonny was having a great time.The scenery was ideal,just the best weather Florida has to offer and a sunset over a marina.The water,which was The Gulf of Mexico was as smooth as glass,the harbor lights were so beautiful!After the show was done we were playing James Brown Music through the PA as we tore down.And these four honey's decked out for saturday night came out and started dancing with me as I was breaking down the show.Dressed in black and hair foo to the max.And they were pumping it.After the show with the dance band I am in charge of breaking down the backline while The Blueman is collecting the cash.And I am dancing whilst I do it.A good show,getting a little money to help pay the bills,I am feeling real happy.ALL of the girls like to dance with me.And you know it is just a dance and having fun!tomorrow such fun might not be waiting.So I shall dance tonight!And then I have got to move on out.I am a very locally diversified artist,Florida is my home and there just is no place like home.Funky stank-ass Florida!Yet I was wisely advised by every major label in Nashville to set it up in Florida.Deep South my friend.Close (6 blocks To the Gulf.)To my lady.I have got to have the harbour lights at night in my life.Oh man,what a place to kiss your little sweetheart!I have got world class studios ready to fuck you up with my sound!And was the bottom line Money,we had a ball...the money will come.