An Album Project And What You Think That May Mean

Driven towards a big commercial strike,to do what we think would sell from that viewpoint.I just wanted to finish my single for the year and my producer said no way,"I want to get into it man!"You would think big corporate sponsorship would be the way to go.And they would ruin it,It would all be about money you see,a return with interest upon an investment.An enslavement as it were."A work made for hire" as they say.In which they own the legal rights and the master recordings too.And because you took that advance they own you too.You signed your name to it.Many times without legal council.I have a most excellent music biz attorney,Julie Milham and anything I may sign crosses her desk at 150 bucks and hour,money well spent,mind you.If I do decide to do a deal that she would approve I would be at best advantage you see,walking away still owning my rights and my masters.Yet here we want to do an album just for the fun of doing it.And to make it the best stuff also.Your illususions behind this are such a joke.Big images and distorted facts.Really silly facebook and my space endless kindergarden mentality stuff.My current crew is not behind this trivia at all.And will not cater to it.We are inspired to make a very profound album.And have a ball doing it!Major league producers love to work with me,I am so down with it.And there is a level of mutual respect there.They challange to bring out the best I can do up to a level I would consider impossible.Such is what this album is all about.When you have worked with genius and brilliance you do not walk away the same.You become even more critical of yourself as an artist yet you have grown to a point where you can absorb it.And knock them out with the tracks that you do first takes!You are confident in what they are looking for.It is mcre different to playing to a bunch of drunks live...which is alright also yet this is serious science...forever and ever.