And On The Recording Session?

I say thee yay!It needs to take a breath though.I am going to do some acapella work.Yes...just the voice.The lead vocal mic in the studio.Bake the cake right then and there!I have been very underated as a vocalist for a long time.I am going to set you all straight about that.The main session has to sit for a minute,it can't be forced,it has got to be a flow.I am working some alternative ideas with it.That is the cool thing about recording arts,the work can just patiently sit in the can and with digital recording you can re-call the last mix in fifteen minutes.Of course an anaolog mix can be done that too but it has to be manually reset to the specs,say you are coming back in a year later with a different engineer and producer perhaps at a different studio.I just want to do some singing right now.Some very serious singing with all of the production concentrated on voice.Then music as desired can be added.The vocals are always the last thing to go on a track.And you have got to form fit via composites to the instrumental track.That is the natural progression of it.Thus I would consider the next session an experiment as I do not know if I am capable of it,but it sounds like a lot of fun to give it a shot!