And So An Escape Is In Perfect Order

To that effect I have booked passage on a short cruise.As a passenger,not as a performer.I am just to imprisoned by my work to a point where it is not healthy for me.I just have too much stuff ramping up my ass.And for a single person I am convinced that a cruise is the best get-a way.A way to meet and mingle with other SINGLE people that are way cool!That need to get away too.To me the bars are a major drag,I have been a liquor salesman since I was 14 years old,as a professional musician.It may or may not be good for a one night stand and that is not my primary interest as much as to relax and enjoy some intellectual stimulation.I love to dance and am looking forward to doing a lot of that.With pretty ladies that are wild and free,not fiances, or live in roomates, or married people, or those hanging over a divorce.I am a college grad,an educated person and avid reader.I do not watch TV..All ready for a real fun time and whever that may lead to.I have allowed my life to become too overcomplicated.I want to dance all night loose and light under the moonlight.Hold stimulating conversation with intellegent people.I need a break from the guys in the band.A break from working out tunes.I wish to savor the scent of sweet perfume.There are very few thrills like slow dancing with a lady having her head on your shoulder just pouring her scent and soul into you.She just feels so safe and secure in your arms she lets all of her guard drop and is having fun.I am not a predator.I do not have a secret agenda.I am a gentleman of the highest accord.A man of honor.At ease...I have got to get away from this for a minute or else I am going to burn it out.