Andre Mack,my second guitar

On (oo) he's very tightly placed,He would think his stuff is removed but it is not.It is so very tightly placed with mine.There was a lot of politics to be dealt with in NYC,Gary Lefkowith was looking very strong to do the lead guitar solo.This on top of all else was the intensity I was facing In NYC.!I was staying at the riverside motel and had the 2nd chair violinist of the New York Phil,who was living on the same floor help me do a better solo.A la santana!In the communal kitchen!Yet Mike laid it out to me like this,if you cannot play Gary's solo better than he did you lose!That is the solo going down on this record.Even the band got cruel,"you can't touch gary's stuff!" Not Andre,He said as we waited for the train, "Just do it Rene,play whatever Mike wants you to play."This I might add threw Gary into a Manic Depression.Oh he was so moping around the studio,I thought he might have had a lot of joy in that I played his arrangement!And Mike was calling all of the shots anyway,I actually thought my solo was better.Yet I am happy with all of it.