Any Regrets On The Rene Labre Group?

You must mean Chip and Marvin with The Reverand and Andre.Yes I do have one big one,that Chip to this point did not get a feature on one of his compositions.He had a large catalog of brilliant work yet he was always backing me up.Or we were collaborating together.And he is every inch a star in his own right.We sat in the motel and worked on his tunes,"Nine Months Is Such A Long Time."I failed to bring him forth in his own right.And missed another number one!Perhaps not,tomorrow is a new day and we may get back together again.If that were to be so we would lead off with Chip at the helm.So we could do something that was really different.I got a band loaded with so much talent.My nigger rock and roll band,a musical and artistic expression.America's true answer to The Beatles...The Black beatles.(oo)(oo) I am calling you.