Are you losing money?

Note from my publishing desk to indie artists.I got a call from my attorney telling me she was contacted by Sound Exchange that i had some fairly substantial royalty payments standing unclaimed from digital and broadcast performances.You as an indie artist may have the same thing going for you,if your tune is streamed you get paid.Now trying to track this all down yourself is a daunting task because remember this is global.Collecting your bread from overseas PRO's is tough.If you have as us Performing rights organization,unless you are a major artist that is not going to be a big help to you.sound exchange will get that together for you and get your bread to you.even if it is only 40 dollars if you don't collect it it will go to the majors.Two other people now offer that service,CD Baby ans Jango or radio airplay or what ever they are called this week.Yet their costs are high in my opinion,a one time only set up fee of 100 bucks or so but then they dip in for 20% of what they collect leaving you of course to foot the tax bill.How did they get this service together,all of these important connections?Why silly they use sound exchange and rep you.This is not to say they are ripping you off,they will pay up yet you will wait longer to get paid and pay a fee that you do not have to.If you are a recording artist or sound recording copyright owner there may be royalties waiting for you to collect.WORD MAN!