Are You Still Working The new session?

Yes,I have a year to do it and it is going to take most of a year to do it.Not because I am strung out,life is just so increasingly complicated.I do not even have to do it...who cares if I do or don't,well I do and that is what it is.Yet I need some time and some space to get it all together,other folks are involved with it and I cannot,just enforce my will upon it.Producing is a tricky thing of narrow time windows and getting everyone to do their best.Making them want to do their best and really have them get off on it! In the long run it has got to be that way,this is rock and roll and we do it because it is fun for us to do.That is gonna make the record be great.And every time we listen to it we dig it.Henchforth so shall the listener,our beloved audience that supports our efforts.It CAN"T BE DONE WITHOUT YOU!The rhythm track is laid in stone,I am not on the lead vocal this time on of the girls is gonna step up and be whoppin' up on your ass!Way R&B this time people,not to much rock and roll...we have to turn our boxes down just a little bit so you can hear the singers sing.And I have several bad ass singers jumpin up on this record,perhaps too much talent to be able to work together!It is a cover song also,a real old one.We stepped way back to reach out and grab it.We have got to license it and pay the songwriters and publishers teir fair share like Napster ought to have done.So the show would work overall.Only $37.50 per five hundred set up by Harry fox."Much cheaper," as the judge said,than an infirngement lawsuit.And the songwriters and publishers have got to pay their bills today just like you and me.And cook a nice spag dinner to shrare with their friends!Paid with a sweet it is!May God bless you all....thanks!