Back In Session On A New Original!

The last tune worked out very well and married a film.Yet it was a cover song.One likes to really stay away from those yet the concept of the film demanded it.Sometimes I just go to the studio to hang out and in doing some stuff on the piano my producer insisted on an original and that I get back into writing.I insisted that he take over on piano.So we did a run through last Thursday.Again the creative juices mustered up.I am quite competent as a pianist,he was reluctant to take over but I insisted he did.He is a genius,his work just blows me away!And frankly I am more into the guitar,singing,bass,and all of the other instruments.It is of good fortune to have a talent such as his on my recordings.And makes it much more fun and rewarding for him.Yes we have to create product and it is so hard to get anything across these days so I have got to have fun doing it or I would not bother.And the new tune is the story of my life.Stay with us my friends,the best is yet to come!Thank You!