"But Covers can help you!"

I don't think so,there was a brief time when you could "Piggyback" as they say,but that is just crammed up to the gills with any good song.And then you have to deal with a legitimate third party interest.Thus you are not free to use it as you please.Getting a mechanical license is fairly easy,but a sync license,which you really need is a real hassle to work out.So "Poor Side Of Town" is the end of the line.That was a great one for me,I can feel that one so well and have always been a fan of Johnny Rivers.I could do a tremendous version because I did not have to fake it.That it got to be a video was an accident,I had some extra studio time left and just did an acoustic take with a voice just for grins and giggles.A great producer picked up on it,next thing I know I am blowing a solo on the oboe, and starring in a fantastic video.Yet it ain't my toy to play with.I don't want to do an album with covers on it.