Can You Justify Not Working Live?

No I can't,the type of thing that I do is made to be live on stage.Plus for a performer that is where your money is.And where your life is reallythat crazy guy onstage is who I really am.My so-called real life is the put on.Yet I draw the inspiration for my writing from real life,yet I am a fish out of water so-to speak.This is the first time in my life that I haven't had a van.Which is a must for a musician.And for the last 22 years I was a single parent,I had to be there for my son first.Plus work a regular job as a truck driver.With the baby now dinner had to be on the table every night.Diapers had to be changed,the pediatrician,You can't be off hangin'out all crazy hours doing crazy things.You have been voted by the Mom's of the block to take the kids to the park this week.And these are all real good for my music I got much more heavily into writing and recording in the I was playing Gospel music in church.The last music video was fantastic and the next session/film is underway.My boy is grown up now and on his way.He is going to produce my next record.Well,have a very strong say in how it is done.As long as I have to work a regular job I can't go on the road.I would lose my job.I do not have the fan support to help me out.It would cost them next to nothing to help me out.So who pays the studio bill?Me,the artist.Yet I also own it free and clear.I work in state of the art studios with fantastic producers.