Closer And Closer

That is a master class session!I think the finest collection of American Impact talent ever assembled.And it is so different from lot of music that you hear.Starting out as real easy listening going to full blown stadium rock!The Reverand was marvelous!For many years one of my ace sidemen and I allowed him to step to center stage and kick down the fence.I mean I don't put a junk band together,I work with musical assasins.The Reverand is also doing the drums.This is not a pro-tools work it is completely analog and it was never mattered even.This was just the final mix.A final testimony from a skully "2 1/2." If I had a choice to have a lear jet or a scully I would take the scully and rent the Lear.The work I did at Transcon was also on a scully but that got transferred to pro-tools.And pro-tools is great,no doubt yet analog is still a fuller sound with more separation (in an anaolg mode)If you are a rock artist and have the bread from your fan support magnetic tape is the best way to record it.You have got naturally occuring ambience which is automatically filtered out of pro-tools.Digital is best related to clarity and rock is related to raunch.Especially the guitars!If you have an avalon pre-amp at you disposal you are in very good shape with pro-tools.This is a must for recording your guitars digitally.This is where you fine tune your clipping signals.They must go into the SSL console compressed.This is very nice,I mean tripping to hear your guitars!What a plug in!In digital terms pro-tools cannot properly format your signal.Do ya get my drift here?