Closer And Closer

"If it were the only one I ever did." I meant that too...This was the one session where I was really waving the conductor's wand as the executive producer.And well..what am I also playing and doing on this tune,all of the guitars,piano,Hammond C-3 organ(stereo leslies),backing vocals,and vibraslap.Just a monster percussion section here,The Reverand did the trap kit,Susan Mejeras on tympani,Bill Bland on oh man get this...conga's,bongos,swiss hand bells,triangle,maracas,castenets,tambourine,glockenspiel.Wally Bevins on Bass guitar.I knew wneh I called up Susan to participate what it was going to be,at that time she was the arranger and tech consultant for three high school drumlines.It was going to be CHARTS.She Said "I don't forsee a problem here,all of you are readers and I will chart the entire score,and you know me honey...if we are not reading I am not playing."With the little time she had to spare in her life when we got to the studio we had music stands with a score on it.Bill Bland,how fortunate that I scored him do do sessions for us!He would back up his van to the studio door and pull out any number of stuff that I required him to perform on.You can so plainly see he was having himself a ball! Walter on the bass who said "I will read the verses and chorus'but in the middle eight and coda I am going to improvise it or I am out and rene can play bass." The Reverand was on about cloud fifteen and we did not have to worry about him reading.Judd Packer engineered this session from start to finish.It was done up to a skully 2 1/2 inch through an SSL console.It was not transferred to digital,this is the analog mix.This is a song about loving your children.This is a song about what makes the world go around.