Did you,Would You,Sell Your Soul To Be Famous?

No,I did not.I was offered and I was tempted,I have friends that are wiccan and casting that thing is very easy.The price you will pay is another thing,to be tormented your whole natural life,which you can extend to 300 years yet when you die also you do not rest in peace.I believe in hard work and developing your skills.Being coached by good people.Always everyone that made it had to sell their soul,I do not think so.They worked hard at it.They did not cave in.They waited tables and attended classes and workshops.Honed their skills.why would Satan be interested in you if you had no talent when he could find so many with talent?Can you believe that Elvis got robbed of his Joy?Tormented,drug addicted..all alone.Slept pretty much with any woman he wanted.1000's of them.Had anything he wanted Carte Blanche.Died miserable very possibly suicide.Couldn't face the next tour.Yet with his millions he was being pressured for money by his manager, who would easy blow 80,grand at the poker table in Vegas.with all of the bread that he made did he not make enough stable investments that he could not be pressured to tour until he was ready to do so? Got off the drugs,he was hooked on heavy drugs,equal to a mercy cocktail they give terminal patients.For breakfast,lunch,and dinner.I can't even imagine being that stoned!I would not even be able to get out of bed.And he would walk out onstage and perform and not miss a tick!Not this time though.The day before he was to go on this tour he died.