Didn't You Actually Complete A Full Album?

Yes.but I did not want to release it.I am right now recording another.The business right now is in too much of a state of flux.Once you release you are tagged with a street date like it or not,and in the free music culture you are going to get ripped off at every turn anyway.So instead of releasing it on the net I would prefer to sell a limited number of copies right from my website ONLY!I live within 3 miles of an excellent CD Manufacturer who does mastering and high speed glass on site.Thus I can do "Made to order replication" personally sign them and the office will mail them out to you,we will pay for the shipping in orders from the US.3 to 5 days unless you want it expedited all the way to overnight.For overseas orders paypal will calculate your shipping costs.stuff of mine that gets downloaded from the net for free or through a service is not the highest quality,it is mp3 files or some conversion of it and even with the conversion it is an mp3 compressed file being converted.You want a physical copy complete with original artwork direct from the glass master.It is automatic 2 for one,you will receive the signed copy with a personal sticky note from me,this version has been listened to by a staff member to make sure it plays right and then you get your free back up copy in the shrink wrap,untouched.We are going to use paypal for this,that way you know we do not have your credit/debit cards on our files.And the whole thing is real smooth.a stolen download does not have the same quality because it is a is cannot take that compression off of it either.Or do you want the blow up version?Just as we heard it when we finished mastering it?Test me on this buy the CD and then download a stolen copy of it and you will see the stolen copy is Lo-fi,especially in surround,it will drop in and drop out.then load up the single speed glass master you bought for ten bucks and hear all of it the way my most excellent producers intended it to be heard!When you crank it up it goes,no voltage drop occurs.No phase shifting.At max volume it rings just as clear as a bell.Your free mp3 download could not handle this kind of stress.A little piece of 128 kPS?That ain't what we were hearing at the final mix.