Do You Regret Your Time With Chip And Marvin?

What do you mean,I auditioned them and I hired them.And I was very happy with my decision.I am Rene Labre yet the three of us are The Rene Labre group.Nobody has quit,nobody has been fired.We do not always see eye to eye on everything,sometimes we have horrible fights even.Yet they are for the purpose of the big picture you see.I write a tune even yet they tell me the best way I ought to play it.Both of them are world class musicians and singers,as well as writers and arrangers..We may go from one minute of a very nasty dispute to laughing and joking around.And you would to listen to it think we were going to kill each other.Chip was the most downplayed part because Marvin and I are so outrageous.Chip too onstage,a master showman yet in rehearsal he wanted it played and sung just like that.So Marvin and I were going to learn today.We would go out on the road and do our show and that lynch mob stuff is for real.I will post you some pics of the bus,we had to get back to T-Town.We wanted to head out on the road and end up in Chicago.We really wanted to re-locate there.We did not have a good manager.We did have good agents.Right now I am solo.