Do You Use Capo's?

Yes but it is kind of funny because when I was younger I would never use them,I would do it the hard way.I though capo's were for pussies.After I hit Nashville and your playing with a banjo in an open G tuning you are kind of dead in the water without a capo.As you transpose keys you still get that wide open chime sound better than a closed barre chord.Plus for vocals an A flat/or sharp may be a better key,I may have a better range on that tune there but the guitar may not sound it's best because that is a weird key,B flat too... I mean I could do it yet it would be all closed chords.So you transpose it real easy with a capo.A Good example would be "The Sinners Prayer" which is in the key of C,for the acoustic slide part I tuned the guitar to an open C in the first position,In the first position the strings were so loose it barely made any sound at all but I wanted the slide to be an open tuning,that part was a straight up improvisation and I thought "oh dear what to do?" So I took out my capo and clamped it at the octave C,second position, and it fit perfectly.I could whizz around all that I wanted and it all worked.