First Session With Ken.

Definite that We both made a good choice here.We took a lot of time to talk about things and he blew up a concept.Go with a music vid right away.Yes openly that is quite sensible yet the farthest thing from one's mind.I had requested for the sessions to be filmed with a still but that is business as usual.You could hit on something good doing that.It was all very relaxed and very enjoyable.My hands and a beautiful instrument were filmed.In between takes and such we sat in the control room and chatted.Getting a focus upon the vibe.The purpose of a producer is to add value to something.Not to take it from you,to place the surgical cut on the jewel so that it always shines in it's best light.Ideally for a music producer you are looking for certain technical perameters,are they a quailified recording enginerr?Do they read the tech manuals of the onboard equipment?This way you can trust them to mix.You know your mix is going to sound better than if you did it yourself.They do not always have to have this tech skill if they know how to explain to an engineer what they are looking for.I am very picky about this to the point of being willing to humble myself (grovel even) to set up a professional association with the best person I can find.You as the artist though must be the one to light the fire in them.If they are a pro they have to do a lot of mundane things to pay the bills.They are having fun here,pushing their skills to the limit,coaching you to draw the best performance you can do out of you.Oh man,this is what I love about a are so high.No drugs or anything,you don't need that shit and it ain't good for you.It is the performance you see that is the rush.The ultimate one should find in this life as we know it now.If you have really done it right you get the same rush when you hear it.That is due to the fact that because I was inspired by my producer I shined as an artist.For you it may not be that way,every artist comes up with their own spin on it.For me I feel that I have arrived at my destination.And at last also I am going to get some solid management interest behind me as well.I never has a manager before and think I am better off for it.I would prefer to wait to get a good manager than to go through a bunch of crappy ones.One's that you could still be paying to now do nothing.I have a fantistic music businees attorney.It is better to retain one of those when you are a nobody.And I said "a music business attorney,a specialist in music law.Not a criminal lawyer or family law attorney."You of course are free to sign anything you want.As an artist you want to know all of the long term ramifications involved with what you are signing.So you get the best deal that you can.If you are a florida artist and need a music biz attorney she is julie@emusiclaw,Julie Milham."Rene,you did not sign this did you? This is the worst contact I have ever seen!"