Florida Embraced And Fell Hopelessly In Love With me

She is my baby,she is my mom,and she is my beautiful girl.I always know that when I get home I am gonna be okay.I am her artist.She is not going to permit me to fail.How my heart leaps for joy when I see her again out of a plane window.She missed me so much and was worried about me.I have to tell her"Mommy it's okay,I am home."I don't worry to much about anything when I get home.I am her artist,I belong to her.I will never stray.I am "Frenchy" they holler out my name everywhere I go.From St Augustine to Key West all the way over to Pensacola.Everyone knows or has heard about who "Frenchy" is.I tried to escape and flee to Nashville but even they sent me home."You are a Florida artist.Go home."That is why I sound different,why I am different.