Get Your Song On Top 40 Broadcast Radio!

I can show you how to do this as an Indie,and if your material is judged as up to standards by my promoters I can Guarantee you results.I will put you on the road to getting your song to radio,across the nation.Charting you up with the biggest acts in the business.It is very possible that this could lead to a big score for you.And I can tell you that you cannot do it yourself,sending your song to radio stations without the correct channels is a waste of your time and money,your CD is going to be thrown in the trash.It is not going to be listened to,it is not going to make airplay. There are a lot of people that are going to make you promises on this yet not deliver you the results you need.You ought to be receiving weekly reports on Tuesday's,which is add days for all stations.and you ought to be able to speak on the phone with your promoter to discuss strategy's for promotion.You ought to have a list of the stations giving you spins and the contact info for the program director.After you press your Cd you need to have someone do your mailings for you.You send the bulk Cd's to them and they do the mailing.When THEY do the mailing it is recognized by the stations that this is a serious project.If you are that serious and have the means together contact me,my fee as a consultant is contingent upon the fact that the radio promoters accept your project as commercially valid.In that event I charge you a one time fee of 200 dollars.