Guitar Or Piano,which is it?

The voice is my principle followed by the guitar and then the piano.When I was a child my elder brother would kick my ass for not practicing 2 hours every night.And my sister would not allow me to rest until I learned how to sing.But if you ask me I am a singer and guitar player.Oh,and a bassist as well.The bass is gonna pay the electric bill this month.My 5 string.In the studio I developed heavily as a multi-instrumentalist,all of that piano practice in my early youth came to pay off in spades there.Plus being a deacon and music director in church really got my piano chops back up to speed.And I am doing all of the Hammond Organ tracks as well on M-3,B-3,and C-3 my preference is actually the C-3 with stereo leslies yet these are much older Hammond models,the newer one are mind-blowing yet you are talking 25 grand to buy one.And well worth it as well.Through the years their quality standards just got better and better,they refused to cut corners.Like my les paul custom is a 2000 SG type re-issue of the 1963 and it plays like a dream yet in 3 months the gold hardware faded.I paid over two grand for that guitar,I have a friend who has an authentic 63 and the gold hardware is perfect on it.Mine actually looks older than the "63".And in fairness to Gibson it plays and sounds just as good.I feel that branching out to do other instruments makes me love the guitar even moreso and makes me a better player.