Had A great Weekend!

Saturday night was a show with the danceband in a very posh place,a club called Catches in New Port Richey.It was an early show so we went out as a band to find some other work in nearby clubs and ran across some old dear musician friends.It is not often I get to hang out with The Blueman,most of the time we are all about business.But we got off early enough that we could go out trippin' with his lady Penny and score some new jobs.This is a very close enviornment with a lot of trust.It is not about being stars it is about working.But it is cool and fun just to go out and hang as a band and holler at everybody.In the old days we use to do this all the time,when the clubs were happening.We would stay out all night and then go to breakfast.We finished the show and were given our very fine dinner as we were tearing down,Penny was in a hurry to go out trippin' but the blueman said "no..all of us are going to take a moment and sit down to eat this delicious food,the equioment can wait."So I was feeling pretty loose and good.On Sunday a rehearsal was on schedual for the new single,usually I am very concentrated on things but T-Paynes bus driver,Matt, was there and we just were off the wall and jammin.'A great upcoming rapper "Mayhem" was with us.But ya know you put all of the styles together and come up with something new.What you do is different but you respect the differences and dig the best of it.I am really happy,I am about to roll out a hit.(another hit)A timeless classic inspired to the new school.