have you read Atlas Shrugged?

Yes yet I did not find it to be a good book.The dynamics were certainly as boring as the characters.I feel Kurt Vonnegaut trumped the whole book with the last line in his paperback "Cat's Cradle" "make me young again." Old Rothschild in his later years with all of his wealth and power was miserable,he could not even enjoy a piece of buttered english muffin.And of course the world being implemented now out of the book is even worse than the book.The continuing failed saga of human history as a result of the oh so greedy few.It is going to carry on for a while but it is not going to work.And also it has to happen as it shall.On this course there shall be an intervention or no human flesh could survive it.This private heaven on earth for the wealthy and priveleged.The road leading to the Battle OF Armageddon.That great end time battle is not going to last to much more than five minutes, all of the mighty armies of the world are going to be in an instant smoked like mullet.As it was at the tower of babel,the whole thing was ultimately a collossal waste of time and resource.The elite rich and powerful do what they want,they always have.And their choice is their right.And for all the have they are not happy with it because the things they seek do not make a person whole,perfect,and complete.Enjoy what you have if you can today.It could be your last.Take care of yourself.I am not going to go on and on here about conspiracy theories,in as far as I can see the american public believes whatever it sees on television to be undisputed truth.I have warned you so I am no longer responsible,the "king Of Queens" sitcomis more imprtant to most than the the lwas being passed over our heards without our consent nor any say on our part.MSNBC did not inform you that your home can be searced without probable cause cause nor a warrant.The fourth amendment to our constitution has been overwritten,if a law enforcement officer has any reason to suspect that you are smoking pot in your house and perhaps flushing it down the tiolet they can enter your home,shoot your dog and haul you off.It is called "the no knock law."I really am not to worried about it myself.I have a doorbell and you are going to ring it if you are going to come and visit me.And if you are law enforcement you are going to have the proper papers and protocal to enter my home or you are going to enter at your own risk which could cost you your life.Somebody kicking down my door to enter my home put me in fear of my life and with a legal concealed weapons permit I have the right to defend myself.I spell critical defense 9MM you see.And I pay the rent,my home belongs to me.I am going to get back to what I do with the time I have to do it with.Which is creating music to be enjoyed which brings me happiness.I have the first round in my ammo clip racked.So who wants to be first to enter the kicked down door,I wouldn't cause I am about to send you into the promised land.I am a law abiding taxpaying citizen of the United States.I refuse to live in fearIf you are a law enforcement officer you can ring my doorbell,you don't have to knock present me with your identification and a search warrant signed by a judge to search my home we are not going to have any problem at all.I will invite you to come in as soon as my attorney arrives to observe your search of my home and you can do your job and go home to your wife and children after work,and I can sleep in my own win as they say. I am not rambo you see and I am not a criminal either,I am just a struggling artist.I have no motivation to be killed nor kill anyone in a police shoot out,yet this is my home you see,I am the king and the defender of this little castle,nobody tells me anything here as long as I am paying the bills.If you think you are going to kick down my door,shoot my dog and overule my authority in my own home then you are taking your chances.If you shot my wonderful and loyal loving dog I would prefer to tear you to pieces with my bare hands.So let's keep our heads on eh?Ring my doorbell please and don't kick down my door.I am not flushing drugs down the toilet,I am simply calling my attorney who will observe your search.The rule of the law and not the law of the jungle.It would appear to me that the judges were pressured into this decision.It is setting up a situation that has the potential of getting very chaotic and innocent people could be hurt and it ought to be repealed.But it is so much more important to know who won the world series or if Angelina is cheating on Brad.Or if Brad after having six kids with Angelina is going to go back with Jennifer,what other than an idiot would even give a flying fuck about that?If I were Brad I would be strongly working the Menage-A -Trois thing.God how american women would hate that!The greater majority anyway for sure.The controlled mass media would not cover that,not in the US anyway.I bet he had a wonderful fahters day and to the rest of us dad's it was just "The Day Of The Dog."Your present was a new set of tools or workboots."Just what I was deaming of-a new set of overalls!'Thank you honey, I Love you too.."Yeah,buy her a sewing/washing machine on mothers day and see if you are going to get laid by your wife tonight!.Tell her what you would love to get from her was a handbaked cherry pie-good luck on that shit eh?And you get to lick the spoon,She does not cook.She is high level management but your second wife loves to cook and clean too?That could be heaven on earth in a three bedroom trailer!"All of them are so happy today! together,and the children are so well adjusted.Someone is always there for them....Great publicity for them,Bradjenlina as it were, and it would sell a zillion supermarket rag publications and inspire a married man to intead of solicting a prostitute,judt to support two wives faithfully.In fact why even get married,to prove to God that you are legit?And pleasing two women would probably keeep a guy from getting into any more trouble then he is already dealing with.(if he wants to live a long time)In Scandinavia it would be rather passe but it would light up the US!I have a lot of work to do,I have a new producer that I am working with on a new song.Livng my life at peace and liberty.Today is your life,the one you have been granted.This afterlife thing is again totaly theory.Nobody who is alive today knows.Today is all that you have got and what you do with this day you have got.Have a great day and thanks for writing!I have a copy of "Huckleberry Finn" on my coffee table instead.The adventures of Tom Sawyer is an obvious classic yet Huckleberry Finn is even moreso decriptive,compared to this Atalas Sgrugged is a snooze to read,I had to force myself to pick it up.And it is the bible of the new world order,a boring book featuring lifeless boring characters./ Ren