How Would You Rate Yourself As A Guitarist?

I have my own style I think and can hold my own pretty well.I did All of the guitar work on my records except for (oo) (oo) which had Andre Mack And Gary Lefkowith performing on it also,and they were a blast to work with.Yet other than that all of that guitar work belongs to me.So that is to speak for itself.And I prefer it to be that way.So I am confident,yes I have become multi-instrumental.First by necessity and later by choice.Yet instrumentally the guitar is my home base.I can sit down and play it for twelve hours.As far as ratings against other guitarists that is kind of silly.I appreciate and enjoy other great guitar players,there are guys I know that you have never heard of that are just out of this world with it.You hear them on film scores and such and they command 3 thousand dollar session fee's.I will listen to Joe Pass and just go WTF? I dig jazz (real Jazz) a lot yet never explored that style so I don,t know what those guys are doing,I just listen and dig it.I don't bother to try and figure it out.I just appreciate it.I am happy and confident in what I do and will deliver the goods.