How Do You Envision Yourself?

A recording artist and scientist.Immortalized if you will.The sole owner of that which is my intellectual property.A songwriter,a singer,guitarist,multi-instrumentalist.Student of the mandolin.Arranger,executive producer.Seminar artist instructor-recording arts and science.Consultant.Publisher,article writer.Stage performer.All of this wrapped up into some large lessons to be learned.And often times led to many personal hardships and sacrifices as it entails a series of highs and lows.Every time I sit down and take stock of my life it still ends up as what I want to do.The public acclaim...that is a gamble of very high stakes with no guarantees.You have got to find your own path on the road unwinding.And my work is to play...digg that!My job is to have fun and make you forget about life for a moment.Oh yeah onstage I get uncut,very high energy,what am I playing..I don't care,I still love to sing "Hang On Sloopy" I have been singing that tune for 50 years!A great song is a great song period.