How Would You Define Your Style?

My style is Rene Labre music.If you are my fan you know and understand that,and thank you.If you are not yet my fan you may learn something today.By and large I am a recording artist/new media artist.A songwriter from way back when.A product of the old school.A guitar hero back in the day.Yet I like to do more than that,I love to sing and play bass.Play my guitar to the moonlight.Play live in honky-tonks way out in the woods.Or by the swimming pool of some rich guy.Sing a special song at a wedding."What vein are you in?"I hate to answer that question because I can't answer it,what if I said Gershwin?Rogers and Hammerstein....CCR?Charley Daniels,Willie Nelson.Monk...Charlie Parker..The Rolling stones,Supertramp?Eric Brewer?All of the above!The Doors.Why do I have to pick a slot?Do me a favor,you pick the slot.My original music is gulf coast,beach boy.I write about what goes on here.So in comes that country,I just got to make that guitar twang!G-d help me please!