I Am Under Construction Working On some new Things.

I have to get very serious in front of the microphone.For all of whatever I may have done I am going to be remembered as a singer.I have never felt so focused.It is so much more for me about the mic than it is the camera.The camera can film anything and deceive you,the mic is the plain truth.You have the gift or you do not. You have to drop it clean with no margin for error.You have got to drop it dry.Drop it straight.Your vocal skills must be impeecable!Unless i make you understand this you will not fully understand all of the rest of it.Thus I have got to shift it into overdrive and take it to a higher level.Now it is more about the skill level than even the originality of it.And I am the A&R guy here as well so I pick the material.For the most part great singers did not write the tune.They made the tune what it is.This is going to be fun.Every instrument seeks to be a human voice,did you know that?I can pick up most any instrument and in twenty minutes be playing you a song on it.Is that a gift,kind of yes although I turned in many years of study which you may view to be polluted.I was not a natural,I had to work at it!Tell you what all of my recording engineers enjoyed working with me.My beautiful artists gave their all,my producer was well pleased with what I presented him to work with...and I savoured the joy of making an experiment a success.Every one of them could have failed to return nothing.I would have accepted that,such was the chance I was taking.The studio that I was pouring all of this into was one of the highest level.(Morrisound)When I walked through that front door I was entering a space and timeship.As a scientist I could not have found a finer laboratory to work in.The pinnacle of recording technology.Hard wired.Huge like RCA Studios-Hollywood.$95.00 dollars an hour to expeirence this in studio A/$65.00 an hour in studio B-not a slouch room by the way,the same SSL console and software yet more of a working room a bit cheaper to roll with.Largely Studio A had the piano and the Hammond,a huge recording room excellent to film in and studio A was the mixing room with the guest quarters above it.So my son had a cool place to hang.I laid down my life and carrear here.And it came out perfect ,whole, and complete to me.I had so much fun doing it,I learned so much from it.The biggie as I said was how to hit the lead vocal mic.Just relax and drop it down to the track.Working it man,I believe it was a german Nueman and you would have to empty your pockets of keys and change because it would get picked up.