"I Can't Find Your Album!"

At this point I never released an album.Only singles.I don't really like CD's.An album to me really is a big vinyl disc that sounds thick and heavy along with a cover that has large wonderful artwork with news and liner notes or printed lyrics large enough to read.Wow!That was how we grew up,get together with yer mates and trip out to the favor of CD's they are compact,easy and pretty cheap and fast to burn, and sound decent.I sold a ton of them right from the stage.In fact most nights I would make more money from CD sales then what I got paid for the gig!Yet I knew all of this was the interlude to what we are now in,the digital age.Once you have a barcode on an album release you have a street date that sticks forever.To you that may not matter yet to me it does.I want to release a finely aged bordeaux,not a "Boones Farm."