I Do Not Dig Christina Aguilera Being Knocked!

As it works in this business the media parasites who built her up are going to try and tear her down.Fashion problems and now stealing a song.As I explained in great detail if the original songwriter has got a copyright from the library of Congress he is going to be defended by the US Attorney and get his bread...a lot of it.I would attribute that more to her A&R dept than to her.see the great attention you can get if somebody steals your song and you can prove it?I think she was presented with it and turned it into a hit.And like I told you,it may not be your whole tune being taken,just the best part of it.And how fortunate you are that a great artist made it a hit.The public steals music even worse than this by illegal downloading.Many artists who ought to be on their way to making just a living creating and performing their music are struggling because YOU ARE FILESHARING AND NOT BUCKING UP! but that is another subject. Christina is an incredibly gifted singer and innovative artist.A top professional.She does come out with some weird looks yet by the same token shots of her taken without make-up,or even coming down from being heavily made up she looks alright.Like you own sweet girlfriend at Walgreens.And yeah so many of you are so totally brianwashed by a TV set that you think you actually know a person like this because you read a rag at the grocery store I would say they are setting you up for the Christina melt down which I do not believe you are going to get. She was the best thing about The Rolling Stones movie "Shine A Light." And I mean the stones performed very well as they have done for decades but she was electrifiying in her performance of "Live With Me" dueting With the most Dear Old Sir Mick.