In Session This Tuesday ,June 3,2014 /9 am

For a film soundtrack by request.A long session,a full day.1 day is set for it,it must be complete,I have agreed to the terms.The Beatles cut their first album in one full day,all of it complete.Nothing was ever added to what was done on that day.Yes it was digitally re-mastered but it was those same tracks the way they were cut on that day,that ruled once and ruled again.In these days of all this phoney cut and paste music,where it ends up being a computer,not you,not the genuine inspiration flowing through you being captured by a magnetic field that freezes not only the fixed sounds but the time itself as well.One experience in New York,I took the whole band up there to cut it and we left the studio with no idea what it would sound like.It was a year and a half overdue,It as not us playing together,it was snippets of us playing little snippets individually.The final production was as great and slick as they come,yet it was not us,it was not our song,it is a computer sample of us doing little snippets.The thing that really made that tune for us was chip's bassline,which was totally ignored for a "Pocket" track.I don't think he will ever forgive me for that.I do not blame him either,yet he does not understand I lost my beautiful guitar solo that I worked for months on.And my piccolo and piano tracks. After all we had been through he quit the band over this record."This is not us,this is not our sound at all,you know I would have stuck with you through anything,but not this.We never had money and we always struggled just to make our little pay,yet we would kick down the fence.I would walk through hell with you,I always have,do you remember when people wanted to hang us in a lynch mob for playing our stuff?I will not play that shit onstage to get rich,I don't know who the fuck that is,yet it ain't us.This was a huge loss in my life,not just my favorite bassist,when we would write many times he would be the leader and the coach,Marvin and I listening to him putting our vocal harmonies together and the music parts.All of the fun we had onstage,I remember one time a white guys chick was digging him,and the guy spit on Chip and threw his drink on him,I danced over to and we together danced up and kicked they guy in his face,shouting one,two,three...Kick!Alas,there would be no "Black Beatles" without him.Yet worry not my friend,I still have them for you.I learned the final lesson from him too,Be yourself.Now I shall post rare of "The Black Beatles,"The Rene Labre Group final edition doing our world cast concert for Iradiola live,and the puke record attempting to give you the mass media idea of who we were.He said "Rene you may not understand how I feel but if we allow them to do this to us,it is just going to get worse and worse.We are going to have less and less say until we have no say at all.We just play for the money and suck dick. I can't do that man,you know that it is not us."