It Is A Question Of Perfection

My producers are very hard upon me about this.That is what they expect me to deliver as an artist.Some artists can clown around in the studio a lot and they get away with it because that is how they work.Which is all good.I do not get away with any of that with my producers.Oh man it is so serious-they expect perfection and pull that out of me.I am fearful to arrive at a session not warmed up and versed on what I am going to do.I can get loose and joke around a lot until that red recording light goes on.If I get funny then I get a strong repremand."This is not fun and games Rene,this is your life."As an artist I love it.I am shown possibilities and directions I may not have concieved.The guys I work with are always to cut it down to the least possible amount of notes to get the fullest and most impacting expression.I asked for it,I am not a fool,I begged them to produce me.I sat in tears at Tom Morris's desk asking him,pleading with him to produce my sessions."Rene,you don't have to cry,I will be happy to produce you." Then they crack the whip,they expect nothing less than perfection from me.That is the given precept.Oh man...what fun that is for me!I only can work with good people.I do not have any time for losers.There is no reason for me to be dragged down by that.I am sorry to have to say that.Yet people who are not driven to succeed in their vision are going to drag you down to their level.I am a pefectionist " I can't be fucking around with any bullshit."I cannot cater to petty "star trips."Ego trips are just not tolerable."A small leak can sink a great ship.