It Is All About The Music At This Site!

I just love to sing and play and write songs,publish and produce them.Love to perform live,love to play house parties with friends.Play in a honky tonk bar.My time on Earth I did what I wanted to do.And except for raising my son, this is all that I wanted to do.The rest of it, well I have got to do what I have got to do.This world pretty much in general is dishonest and unfair.Yet I still find the beauty that exists in it.The earth that I live upon is the most beautiful garden in the entire universe.And that is what it was created to be,not a corporate/industrial/chemical complex.And we as humans were placed here to be the caretakers of of,designed to work hard during the day and rest in the peace of the evening.And the purpoae of the Earth shall be fulfilled.It shall recover from mankind being upon it and polluting it.The true history of mankind on Earth is a history of continued failure.Help us find a cure for cancer!If it were not for mankind there would be no cancer!How little we have learned about the joy of life.