'It Looks Like You Are Gonna Make it,Why?

I have a great crew.Positive communication on ALL levels.No time for losers man.No head games,no ego trips,no star trips.No auto tuner.No expectations.No compromises,we play it straight and by the book,textbook.I have every reason to be very thankful about that,especially that it is full throttle,not watered down by compromise nor is so tasty.No shortcuts,It must be the class quality,the same a major label would deliver.Me as a star?Far from that matey,we are all just the crew here.We all eat at the taco wagon man.The project is a celebration of life.Oh yes I know your draggy thing,that I am supposed to fail.I have heard that time after time.It just bores me so."I am not with the right people here,it is close yet it ain't the right people."That is not to be bitter about about it,that also is a waste of time.and it will destroy you,make you get hung up in one place one the journey so you do not make the next move out ahead of the are going to drink it,or drug it,or smoke your life away.Yer gonna fall down man.what the fuck happened to you,and you will have every excuse about it.'My people let me down,my wife left me,It is your life man,get over that shit and move on!Move ahead.Did you finally learn how to spot a phoney,how good is your drummer?"He blows my fucking face off,I thought that with my producer we had total control over a session until he walks in.All business man.