Make It Right

It was insisted by Rick,our producer/co-writer that I not use My Les Paul but a 1958 Tele Esquire.On a production level everything was so tight.They wanted such a pure and clean guitar sound that they had to put a lear in the air to get it.They flew me to Miami,but I had to catch a hound back to TPA after the session,out of my pocket.To record at Critera in MIA??? I am up for the hunt!I also was not flying alone,Gregg,the drummer was telling me what I was going to play, and some world class thugs.Everything was cool..Gregg was so fantastic in coaching me,,,this tune is so great and I am a part of it?As a white man I am sliding in like Hubert Sumlin? Oh man rock this!Shawn Brown at his best with Blackstar.