Making A Lot of Changes Right Now

I am totally moving literally,I need to get with a fresh start.I am a prisoner in too many ways.One thing in life put salt on my tail,I had to and wanted to raise a baby,as a single parent.Mission accomplished!Now I am free and going to persue that.Oh I was so told going through all of it that I needed to have a woman.Well largely I did have to have one,Mrs. Harris, who took care of the baby whilst I had to work.That was a professional relationship though.I could trust her to take care of the most important thing to me on this earth.My baby son.You young people you do not know yet what is coming to your life,but it is coming and you will find out.You are way back where the handsome prince carries off the fairytale princess and that is all good,probably the best thing about being young.Although you shall come to find also eventually that that is a joke.If you have found a good friend that you can trust and accept with all of the good and bad you are doing better than most.Tell me all about it a couple of kids later.Which reeks havoc upon her body by the way.That is not to say that mature women cannot be alluring and beautiful,so if you have got a good girl,give her all your spare time and love her and treat her right.For me that is not an option.I go beyond the limits any woman that I have met would tolerate.I am in love with the next song I am going to sing.That is my reward.that is why I am here now you see.