Marvin Is Doing The Lead Vocal On (oo) (oo)

There was a lot of pressure from The hill and hifi that I do the lead vocal to the point they would NOT produce us if I did not do it.From the start it was Marvin's feature,we all wrote it with him doing the lead vocal.And I told him "they want me to do the lead or the deal is off." Marvn said "you can do that but it is still my song onstage." He was crying and I was too.It was his feature and it might be our only hit.He was the one that did it onstage.and to be so very real with you I do not feel as though I could have done it as good as he did it.My ego was not going to stand in the way of making the best record we could do in NYC.So I called the producers back and said "the deal is off if Marvin is not on the lead vocal."They agreed and all was at peace with the band.Chip would not have gone for that in a second,"You are going to sing Marvins song?why?..We worked it all up for him."I sat in the control room in my role as executive producer elated to watch Marvin knock it all down.I was so proud of my band,they knocked it down as a major label act would have,responding to the requirements of a major label producer and doing a major label many thanks going out to Gary Lefkowith,top drawer independent radio promotor.Who got this all together for us,we would have never even though to go to the Big Apple to record.He left his home and family and business to camp out with us in NYC to get this record done.Doing some very fine guitar parts on it along the way.